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Default options required #11

Abductor opened this Issue · 3 comments

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How about some options that can be set or at least some default values saved? I'd like to set it so that the entire page is selected by default for saving (i.e., on clicking the "Save page as image" option, the green overlay should automatically maximize and cover the entire page).

Currently, the overlay rectangle seems to show up at random locations and at random sizes, which is puzzling and a bit irritating to double-click every single time to maximize.

Using 3.0.7 in FF 3.6.13 on Win7 Ultimate x64.


By default the overlay should appear over the element you right click on, however the code that measures elements seems to be buggy in newer versions of Firefox.

I'll look into adding some preferences.


Added a 'Select all' button, should be released some time soon.

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