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I was wondering, how easy it would be to take into account the zoom of the page.

Currently, if you zoom in (eg using Ctrl+) & then save, it doesn't save exactly how it looked "zoomed in". It just uses the coordinates you highlighted, then logically takes the rendering of the browser as it would be "without zoom" and saves it.

I'm sure it would be debatable whether you should save a "larger" image with the exact rendering as the browser is showing (ie zoomed in).

But I've actually come here from using a different technology (C#) where the author of a "GeckoFX browser control" has given your plugin URL as his inspiration for his technical implementation. He puts in comments at the top of the page "Use of the canvas technique was inspired by: the abduction! firefox plugin by Rowan Lewis"

Now, what he wrote, also ignores the zoom state, in a way which is probably much more obviously "wrong".
Where we have a Windows dialog, user zooms in, we take a screenshot using the "canvas technique" and it's not actually what the user was looking at.

I haven't been able to get into contact with that author yet, but I was wondering if you have any insight or comment at all, as to how this would be done, even in principal, using your plugin.
For example, would you consider it possible to save the image as shown exactly, taking into account the zoom, given the plugin you have & what's available to it.

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