Additional API and flag fix #1

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The case insensitivity flag has been fixed.

I have also added two extra APIs, which will allow users to specify the ending position of the search. The way to specify the starting index of the search has been significantly changed. The details are written in the commit message of the second commit.

Thank you,

aki-null added some commits May 9, 2012
@aki-null aki-null Fixed the case insensitivity flag 170270a
@aki-null aki-null Added APIs to specify the ending position
This change also changed the way start position works. Instead of informing the ICU library about the starting index, this change will move the pointer position of the string buffer to the starting index. This will allow anchor (i.e. \A) to recognize the first character in the specified range as the first character that appeared in the string. This is the same as how NSRegularExpresion behaves.


I would suggest we should receive range instead of start and end like matchesInString:range:. What do you think?

@psychs psychs merged commit 3b1f185 into psychs:master May 10, 2012

I was going to make that change after I saw your comment, but it looks like you beat me to it.


Sure :)

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