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Issue #7 was opened two years ago, and closed without any apparent consideration or comment.
I am in favor of an un-altered /whois output from the server, rather than the dialog window we are given (with uncaught raws going to the server window).

Thank you.

b3nw commented Jun 12, 2012


chrisgeo commented Sep 5, 2012



+1 !!
any news about that ???


Late to the party, but +1


Genuinely curious here...what benefit is there to removing the current functionality where the whois output is sent to a dialog window? I'll admit I'm new to IRC in general, so I'm just representing a new perspective here.


Almost every other client sends it to the console, the dialog doesn't display all of the information you want and is pretty annoying.


@BlakeWilliams - Thanks. I'd say chances for getting the current behavior changed improve if someone can clearly indicate if there is a loss of functionality with the current design. Your reply is helpful in that the only compelling point is that the dialog doesn't display all of the information. Can you give an example of what is missing?

The dialog being annoying isn't so much a driver I would say for getting someone to change the current behavior. I'd say the same about "every other client" does it that way too isn't typically a good reason for driving a change.


I no longer use Limechat for this and a few other reasons, but I recall it not giving enough information as a regular user and even more so as an oper on a network.

dgw commented Dec 22, 2013

I would like raw output in the console solely because I cannot see from the dialog whether someone is identified to NickServ or not, and that is often important in troubleshooting various issues that come up. It is one of the annoyances that are pushing me toward other clients.

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