Display previous chat history when logging is on #125

ghost opened this Issue Sep 11, 2012 · 14 comments


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ghost commented Sep 11, 2012

As many other IRC clients do, it would be great to have previous history displayed inline when you open up a new private chat with someone, to provide some context and avoid having to locate and display the logs separately. Some visual delineation between the current chat and old logs might be helpful as well (such as a divider line with a timestamp or a different colour for the logs).

Wouldn't default to it though. Imagine some channels with huge backlogs. Takes already quite some time to show some of the channels after going backk to limechat after a while.

Is there a way to just grab the last 10-20 lines or so from the history without having the huge load time? This is a very important feature for me.

This is basic IRC client guys, I can't believe such an awesome client doesn't have this. With xChat I can load the previous 100 lines from any room and it's configurable. Please add this feature

I would also like to request this be added. It is quite useful to have some context, especially in private messages.

Still not implemented?

no, it is not ;( will this feature ever be supported?

I will move away from lime chat just bc this reason

c4milo commented May 28, 2014

👍 for this. Much needed.

owzim commented May 28, 2014

This seems unlikely to be implemented =( Still a great IRC client though.

yask123 commented Feb 6, 2015

Damn! Just close it already if it is never gonna be implemented , can't keep waiting forever.

Is already someone working on this?

I'm prrretty lazy. Anyone suggest a Mac client that supports this?

@Zialus thanks. I bought the last version, reformatted, and now I can't find a download link for it. Lot of desktop apps are doing this stuff nowadays. Anyone know of a non-disgustingly-capitalist IRC client that keeps DM history? It's also possible I'm a disgusting newbie and can't figure out how to download old versions of software.

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