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After issuing /clear , channel text is hidden. #23

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Hi !

This bug seems to occur randomly, and I'm not sure what sequence of events occur to cause it.

If you issue /clear in a channel, and then type some text the text won't appear in the channel buffer. No text from chatters will appear either, /topic won't show text, etc. No text ends up on the channel buffer anymore.

I need to leave the channel, delete the buffer, and rejoin for it to correct itself.
Running the latest version of LimeChat.



I see the same behavior regularly, took me a bit to realize what was going on :)


ENV: Mac / Version 2.17 (2.17)
This is always reproducible for me.


confirmed in v2.35.

this is not a minor bug. why hasn't it been touched in 3 years ?


I've tried a number of times to reproduce this issue on v2.35 with no luck. Can anyone provide some reliable steps to reproduce the issue? The more detail the better. Thanks.


It's exactly as the OP said. After a /clear is issued, LimeChat refuses to display any further messages in that channel. Just try /topic to see whether that is the case for you, or for unequivocal veracity, open another client and send a message in the same channel.


@bugQ your reply implies that I did not attempt the OP's STR. What I asked for were steps that were more detailed in case there was a specific detail that was preventing me from seeing the issue; it is obvious some of you can reproduce the issue more easily than others such as myself.


I intended no such implication. In fact, I expected that you had already tried, which is why I provided some additional troubleshooting tips. If you indeed can't reproduce the issue, then by all means share your specs. I've tested this on Mac OS 10.7.5 and 10.8.2, with the v2.35 commit. Are you using a more recent clone ?


@bugQ none of your "troubleshooting tips" actually provided new information to help reproduce the issue. I do however appreciate the env info. Here's mine:
OS 10.8.4
v2.35 with the Aug 18 commit
I've also tried using the App Store version: v2.34 with no success reproducing the issue.

When I test, I use 2 methods:
1) join low traffic room, chat, /clear, /topic, no issue. use browser to join same room via web irc client. chat using web client, while in limechat: /clear, /topic, no issue occurs, repeat.

2) join heavy traffic rooms, chat, /clear, wait to see if issue occurs, continue to see normal chat traffic, /clear, /topic, no issue occurs, rinse, lather, repeat.



I see this at least once a day. More often than not it's in a private chat window. I have tried to reproduce it many times, including trying different timings. I think it might be a race condition; if the /clear is issued at the exact moment that a message comes in and is attempted to be displayed, you get a momentary flash of the new message at the top of the cleared window, then it disappears never to return. Unfortunately I can't provide concrete, reliable repro steps, and believe me, I've tried!


I have this issue as well.

Version 2.42 (from app store).
Osx version 10.9.4

I join #django on 6667

This channel have around 500 or so users.
If I use /clear I don't see any new messages. I have however received osx notifications when someone has mentioned me by name but the chat window has stayed empty.
Since I can't see anyone saying anything I tend not to write anything so I haven't tried if that works, but since the channel has constant chatter, maybe it would be an idea to try that?


This is still an issue (2.42 running on OS X 10.10.2)

Leaving the channel and joining it again works but it would be preferable to not have to do this and not lose future channel conversations when clearing the view.

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