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* What's LimeChat

LimeChat is an IRC client for Mac OS X.

* The Author

Satoshi Nakagawa <>
##limechat on

* Thanks To

Allan Odgaard              # WebViewAutoScroll and TextMate icon for Limelight theme
Atsuhisa Shimazawa         # Badges
Dustin Voss                # AsyncSocket
Eloy Duran                 # RubyCocoa developer, a patch for bundling RubyCocoa.framework,
                           # SACrashReporter, GrowlNotifier and refactoring around preferences
Evan Phoenix               # Inline images support
Fujimoto Hisa              # RubyCocoa creator
Josh Goebel                # CocoaSheet, many improvements of code and UIs, Pastie creator
Jun Morimoto               # Bug fixes
K.Kosako                   # Oniguruma
Keiji Yoshimi              # A patch for GrowlNotifier and around hot key
Kevin Ballard              # Patches around theme support
Laurent Sansonetti         # RubyCocoa developer, many requests and suggestions
Peter Haza                 # A patch for context menu on channel name in logs
Python Software Foundation # Python logo in Limelight theme
Rails team                 # Ruby on Rails logo in Limelight theme
Shingo Morita              # Badges
Stanley Rost               # Limelight theme
Stefan Rusterholz          # Many suggestions and patches
Takashi Tsugo              # Deep Ocean theme
The Growl Project          # Growl logo in Limelight theme
why the lucky stiff        # Syck
William Thimbleby          # Syck cocoa
Yohei Endo                 # Application icon
Yukihiro Matsumoto         # Ruby logo in Limelight theme

* License

LimeChat is copyrighted free software by Satoshi Nakagawa <psychs AT limechat DOT net>.
You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GPL version 2 (see the file GPL.txt).
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