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Continuous Integration Coverage Status

How to

First, run doxygen with XML output on your project, Coverxygen will read generated file and produce an lcov compatible output. Finally, run lcov or genhtml to produce the coverage output.

Alternatively, Coverxygen can also calculate the coverage and print a summary table when given the option --format summary.


Coverxygen relies on doxygen to generate the documentation information.

sudo apt-get install doxygen

Additionally, if you want to generate coverage reports using lcov, this needs to be installed as well:

sudo apt-get install lcov


From pip

pip3 install coverxygen

From PPA Packages

link :

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:psycofdj/coverxygen
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python3-coverxygen

Configure doxygen

Tell doxygen to generate an XML version of your doxyfile.cfg configuration


Then run doxygen

doxygen <path_to_your_doxygen.cfg>

Run Coverxygen

python3 -m coverxygen --xml-dir <path_to_doxygen_xml_dir> --src-dir <path_to_root_source_dir> --output

Full usage :

usage: coverxygen [-h] [--version] [--verbose] [--json] [--format FORMAT]
                  [--prefix PREFIX] [--exclude EXCLUDE] [--include INCLUDE]
                  [--scope SCOPE] [--kind KIND] --xml-dir XML_DIR --output
                  OUTPUT --src-dir SRC_DIR

required arguments:
  --xml-dir XML_DIR  path to generated doxygen XML directory
  --output OUTPUT    destination output file (- for stdout)
  --src-dir SRC_DIR  root source directory used to match prefix for relative path generated files

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --version          print version and exit
  --verbose          enabled verbose output
  --json             (deprecated) same as --format json-legacy
  --format FORMAT    output file format :
                     lcov             : lcov compatible format (default)
                     json-v3          : json format which includes summary information
                     json-v2          : simpler json format
                     json-v1          : legacy json format
                     json             : (deprecated) same as json-v2
                     json-legacy      : (deprecated) same as json-v1
                     json-summary     : summary in json format
                     markdown-summary : ummary in markdown table format
                     summary          : textual summary table format
  --prefix PREFIX    keep only file matching given path prefix
  --exclude EXCLUDE  exclude files whose absolute path matches a regular expression;
                     this option can be given multiple times
  --include INCLUDE  include files whose absolute path matches a regular expression
                     even if they also match an exclude filter (see --exclude) or if they
                     are not matching the patch prefix (see --prefix);
                     this option can be given multiple times
  --scope SCOPE      comma-separated list of item scopes to include :
                      - public    : public member and global elements
                      - protected : protected member elements
                      - private   : private member elements
                      - all       : all above
  --kind KIND        comma-separated list of item types to include :
                      - enum      : enum definitions
                      - enumvalue : enum value definitions
                                    Note: a single undocumented enum value will mark
                                    the containing enum as undocumented
                      - friend    : friend declarations
                      - typedef   : type definitions
                      - variable  : variable definitions
                      - function  : function definitions
                      - signal    : Qt signal definitions
                      - slot      : Qt slot definitions
                      - class     : class definitions
                      - struct    : struct definitions
                      - union     : union definitions
                      - define    : define definitions
                      - file      : files
                      - namespace : namespace definitions
                      - page      : documentation pages
                      - all       : all above

Run lcov or genhtml

lcov can be used to generate a simple console output based on documented lines :

lcov --summary

More interesting, produce a html-browsable coverage detail :

genhtml --no-function-coverage --no-branch-coverage -o .
# browse results in index.html


summary Format

Classes    :  90.5% (38/42)
Defines    :   0.0% (0/2)
Enum Values:  12.3% (8/65)
Enums      :  75.0% (3/4)
Files      :   8.3% (2/24)
Functions  :  64.8% (175/270)
Namespaces :  75.0% (6/8)
Pages      : 100.0% (7/7)
Signals    :  83.3% (5/6)
Slots      :  28.6% (2/7)
Structs    :  80.0% (4/5)
Typedefs   :  39.1% (9/23)
Variables  :  20.0% (8/40)
Total      :  53.1% (267/503)







Special thanks to Alvaro Lopez Ortega <> who found a smart and efficient solution to retrieve doxygen informations from the generated xml.

You can find his work at alobbs/doxy-coverage

Hall of Fame

Project status

Unstable but usable. PyPI version