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Commits on Nov 13, 2012
  1. Potential Bug in Mirror Name Guessing

    I was stripping everything from the last . to the end, then taking the
    That would have failed, though, on "blah/.local/meow" as it would have
    stripped it to "blah/", then taken the basename.
    Now I'm taking the basename of the whole thing, then removing the end.
  2. Added Creation Callbacks

    So, if certain scripts exist, they will be run with the mirror is built.
    This is something I've wanted for quite a while.
    There are a series of things I always did as soon as I built a mirror so
    I could tell it apart and use it and stuff.
    Now this is all in scripts, so it'll just be done for me.
  3. Enter Mirror Can Now Run Scripts in Mirror

    This is not something I've wanted to use it for.
    This just seemed like the right place to put this functionality.
    The functionality is about to be put to use by build_mirror.
  4. Updated README

    It now reflects the way the scripts are used now.
  5. Allow Multiple Concurrent Mirrors

    This is a change I've been meaning to make for a while now.
    Now you can build a few mirrors at the same time.
    In general, though, I've used this opportunity to tighten everything.
    There's more error checking than there was, it refuses certain things.
    I've tried to make it "backward compatible" in that if you only ever
    have one at a time, it will work as it previously did.
    It does that by picking the only one if there's only one.
    It also tries to clean up more than it used to.
    Specifically, if you clean up the last mirror, it should be as though
    you never had any.
  6. Upped Mirror Size

    Still arbitrary.
Commits on Aug 24, 2011
  1. @singpolyma

    Set "last mounted at" path, supress warning

    singpolyma authored
    Specifically the "that's not a block device" warning.
  2. @singpolyma

    Clean up some shell idioms

    singpolyma authored
  3. @singpolyma
  4. @singpolyma

    Pass image file as argument

    singpolyma authored
  5. Don't Have Sudo User

    This is better.
    You run it with sudo, and it just logs you in as the new one.
  6. Better Handling of Open Stuff on Breakdown

    Asks to close it, etc.
  7. Initial Commit

    Seems to work, though it's a little crappy.
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