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This project is an interactive filter for pipes that enumerates stdin, and lets you pick the lines that go to stdout.
Currently these features are supported:
- Support multiple selections with comma separated syntax
Selection: 5,3,0
- Support multiple selections appended to one another with '+' separated syntax.
Selection: 5 + 3 + 0
Line5 Line3 Line0
- Support an "a" as a selection for all, which just spits out the list (only the number enumerated)
At this point it would basically be like "head -nNUM"
The difference is that you got so see what it was sending through first, and optionally decide to send only part, or nothing at all
- Support use of NUL instead of newline as input/output item delimiter
This is useful with input/output data that can include '\n'.
Use -0 to turn this on.
- Escape some characters
This is on by default. Use -r to turn it off.
(It is also forcibly turned off by -0.)
echo "~/JoJo's Pictures" | menu
JoJo\'s\ Pictures