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Eplot is a small graph drawing tool that can be used from command prompt via the escript eplot or it could be used from erlang code using egd_graph module.


  • Erlang/OTP, preferable R13B but earlier should work.

  • wx, if you plan to view graph immediately Erlang should be compiled with wx support enabled. Otherwise only file output can be used.

Eplot usage:

eplot [options] file1 file2 ...

where options are:

-o Filename,        defaults to png image-format,
-type Type,         bitmap_raw | png | eps,
-width W,           Width, in pixels, of output,
-height H,          Height, in pixels, of output,
-render_engine RE,  alpha | opaque, type of render engine,
-plot Plot,         plot2d | bar2d, plot type
-x_label Label,     X-axis label,
-y_label Label,     Y-axis label,
-x_ticksize TS,     X-axis ticksize,
-y_ticksize TS,     y-axis ticksize,


$> bin/eplot -o test1.png example/data1.dat example/data2.dat

egd_chart.erl usage:

See source file for info.

Eplot ToDo:

  • document stuff
  • different symbols for different line entries
  • support multiple font and sizes (egd dependent)
  • line thickness (egd dependent)
  • additional graph types


eplot uses EGD as an backend to draw graphs. EGD lacks some features which should be implemented.

  • polygon triangulation, filled triangles can be drawn fine but not polygons.
  • Truetype support
  • Line thickness/stroke size