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@@ -36,44 +36,22 @@ Supported platforms
* Linux via SystemTap compatibility. Please see the file
`` for more details.
-Just add the `--enable-dtrace` option to your command when you run the
-`configure` script.
+Just add the `--with-dynamic-trace=dtrace` option to your command when you
+run the `configure` script. If you are using systemtap, the configure option
+is `--with-dynamic-trace=systemtap`
-Code contributions are welcome! This is a side project for me (SLF),
-so things would go faster if other people are willing to pitch in.
-Please use the GitHub pull request mechanism or send me an email
-To build from scratch, use this recipe. If you're an experienced Git
-user and wish to add my repository as a remote repository, be my
-guest. Just resume the recipe at command #4.
-NOTE: The `dtrace-experiment+michal2` branch is used for changes that
-can be applied to both R14B and R15 releases.
- % git clone git://
- % cd otp
- % git checkout -b dtrace-experiment+michal2 origin/dtrace-experiment+michal2
- % env ERL_TOP=`pwd` ./otp_build autoconf
- % env ERL_TOP=`pwd` ./configure --enable-dtrace + whatever args you need
- % env ERL_TOP=`pwd` make
-Then `make install` and then start an Erlang shell via
-`/path/to/installed/bin/erl +A 8`. The Erlang shell's banner should
-include `[dtrace]`.
-Try using this (ugly) DTrace command to watch file I/O probes in use
-(tested on OS X only, sorry):
- dtrace -Z -n 'erlang*:::efile_drv-entry {printf("%d %d %s | %d | %s %s , %d %d %d", arg0, arg1, arg2 == NULL ? "" : copyinstr(arg2), arg3, arg4 == NULL ? "" : copyinstr(arg4), arg5 == NULL ? "" : copyinstr(arg5), arg6, arg7, arg8)} erlang*:::efile_drv-int* {printf("%d %d %d | %d", arg0, arg1, arg2, arg3);} erlang*:::efile_drv-return {printf("%d %d %s | %d | %d %d %d", arg0, arg1, arg2 == NULL ? "" : copyinstr(arg2), arg3, arg4, arg5, arg6 ) ; }'
+As of R15B01, the dynamic trace code is included in the main OTP distribution,
+although it's considered experimental. The main development of the dtrace code
+still happens outside of Ericsson, but there is no need to fetch a patched
+version of OTP to get the basic funtionality.
Implementation summary
-So far, most effort has been focused on the `efile_drv.erl` code,
+So far, most effort has been focused on the `efile_drv.c` code,
which implements most file I/O on behalf of the Erlang virtual
machine. This driver also presents a big challenge: its use of an I/O
worker pool (enabled by using the `erl +A 8` flag, for example) makes
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ Building Erlang
Configure and build Erlang with SystemTap support:
- # ./configure --enable-dtrace + whatever args you need
+ # ./configure --with-dynamic-trace=systemtap + whatever args you need
# make

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