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Stellaris Mod - Rapid Research


Workshop desc

[b][h1]Last updated:[/h1] Dec 11th 2018[/b]
Supports [b]2.2[/b] DLC: [b]MegaCorps[/b], [b]Apocalypse[/b], [b]Utopia[/b], [b]Leviathian[/b]
Source: [url=][/url]

Support for all languages (although its not translated)

The aim with this mod is to push you quicker into the late game by allowing you to manage your influence as a way to boost your research.

This mod provides two different systems, one for the early game and another for late game.

[h1]Spaceport upgrades:[/h1]
    [*]Orbital Research Outpost
    [*]Provides a flat bonus of 7 to each research stat.

[h1]Additional Edicts:[/h1]
    [*]Drug enhanced research
    [*]For a cost of 8 influence, provides a 200% boost to all research.

    [*]Going to war
    [*]For a cost of 5 influence, reduce fleet costs by 30%.

(description keeps resetting apologies)