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Bacon Game Jam 10

Topic: One Weapon - Many Uses

Idea: the unsuspecting murder weapon.

Maybe we can do something with common household items. Many household items can be used for one job, but can also be used as weapons.

Idea: manipulation

  • silvertongue can fuck up things

Idea: How are you going to die in the room?

You are left in a room with a weapon...

  • is the gun the weapon?
  • is th room the weapon?
  • is isolation the weapon?

or an escape room:

  • one puzzle leads to another room, and gives you another weapon
  • everything leads you to the final thing that you uncover, and you are finally free

Working Premise:

A repeating time loop with an escape room that only has a single solution.

One weapon - Many uses... how is this explained.

Power as coercion. That's the weapon and that is why our protagonist is in the room. That is why he is left with precious few options, repeat forever or die.

The narrator modifies the scenario and scene on each repeat until the final repeat.

Functional Mechanics:


  • matched to story beats
  • update with the story
  • leads to a limited amount of scenes that can have modifications across the scenes


  • narrator accompanying the story / Illustrations
  • music soundtrack
  • music is both an accompaniment for mood and audible cue that we've restarted

Game Mechanics:

  • branch driven or mouse click selection
  • needs to be determined to wrap story around it
  • in either case it can exist simultaneously or trigger narrator audio
  • some written text to supplement audio