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Ptah Examples

You can read the Examples documentation on-line at

This git repository contains self-contained WSGI applications which demonstrate various aspects of the pyramid-based Ptah environment. This repository contains:

  • ptah_models - 2 form examples, homepage, management ui
  • ptah_simpleauth - 2 form examples, homepage, management ui, auth and user source
  • ptah_minicms - a hierarchical cms supporting local roles, management ui, auth/user source, actions, layout preview and File, Page and Folder content types.
  • ptah_chat - a realtime websocket chat application using pyramid_sockjs wtih gevent and ptah_crowd.
  • simple - 1 file module examples which demonstrate various ptah features.

All of these examples can be used in conjunction with ptah_crowd which provides more features. Some ptah_crowd features include user management, registration, reset password. You can find ptah_crowd in the ptahproject github.

Quick start

See ptah README or pyramid README on how to create virtualenv. Once you have a virtualenv you can follow this guide. If you havent installed ptah. Install it with easy_install or pip:

$ cd path/to/virtualenv
$ bin/easy_install ptah

NOTE: on Windows bin/easy_install will be Scripts/easy_install

Once you have ptah installed you can run these examples.

$ git clone git:// $ cd examples

Pick which WSGI application you like, lets pick ptah_models. We need to install the package into our development environment:

$ cd ptah_models
$ path/to/virtualenv/bin/python develop

Now we start it up. --reload is optional. If you edit a Python file the WSGI server will restart:

$ path/to/virtualenv/bin/pserve settings.ini --reload

Goto http://localhost:6543/ and you can read and experiment. Look at for latest Ptah documentation.

You can find support on on #ptahproject or #pyramid


If you run into a problem with the examples you get further by using the source checkout.

As of Jan. 11. 2012 the examples require master of ptah and ptah_crowd until 0.3 of those packages are released.