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""" type implementation """
import sys, logging
import sqlalchemy as sqla
from zope.interface import implementer
from pyramid.compat import string_types
from pyramid.threadlocal import get_current_registry
from pyramid.exceptions import ConfigurationError
import ptah
from ptah import config
from ptah.uri import ID_RESOLVER
from import NOT_ALLOWED
from ptah.interfaces import ITypeInformation, Forbidden, TypeException
log = logging.getLogger('ptah')
TYPES_DIR_ID = 'ptah:type'
def typeInfoResolver(uri):
"""Type resolver
- type scheme, e.g. blob-sql
- :py:class:`ptah.TypeInformation`
return config.get_cfg_storage(TYPES_DIR_ID).get(uri)
def get_type(uri):
""" Get registered type.
:param uri: string identifier for TypeInformation, e.g. `type:sqlblob`
- :py:class:`ptah.TypeInformation`
return config.get_cfg_storage(TYPES_DIR_ID).get(uri)
def get_types():
""" Get all registered types.
- mapping of all registered identifier and TypeInformation
return config.get_cfg_storage(TYPES_DIR_ID)
phase_data = []
class phase2(object):
def __init__(self, name): = name
for n, _ in phase_data:
if n == name:
raise ConfigurationError(
'type phase "%s" is already registered'%name)
def __call__(self, callback):
phase_data.append((, callback))
return callback
class TypeInformation(object):
""" Type information """
title = ''
description = ''
fieldset = None
permission = NOT_ALLOWED
filter_content_types = False
allowed_content_types = ()
global_allow = False
add_method = None
def __init__(self, cls, name, **kw):
self.__uri__ = 'type:%s'%name
self.cls = cls = name
def add(self, content, *args, **kw):
if self.add_method is None:
raise TypeException("Add method is not defined")
return self.add_method(content, *args, **kw)
def create(self, **data):
content = self.cls(**data)
return content
def is_allowed(self, container):
if self.permission:
return ptah.check_permission(self.permission, container)
return True
def check_context(self, container):
if not self.is_allowed(container):
raise Forbidden()
def list_types(self, container):
if container.__type__ is not self:
return ()
types = []
all_types = config.get_cfg_storage(TYPES_DIR_ID)
if self.filter_content_types:
allowed_types = self.allowed_content_types
if callable(allowed_types):
allowed_types = allowed_types(container)
for tinfo in allowed_types:
if isinstance(tinfo, string_types):
tinfo = all_types.get('type:%s'%tinfo)
if tinfo and tinfo.is_allowed(container):
for tinfo in all_types.values():
if tinfo.global_allow and tinfo.is_allowed(container):
return types
class type(object):
""" Declare new type. This function has to be called within a content
class declaration.
.. code-block:: python
@ptah.type('My content')
class MyContent(object):
def __init__(self, name, title=None, **kw): = name = config.DirectiveInfo()
kw['title'] = name.capitalize() if title is None else title = kw
def __call__(self, cls):
typeinfo = TypeInformation(cls,, **
cls.__type__ = typeinfo
# config actino and introspection info
discr = (TYPES_DIR_ID,
intr = config.Introspectable(
intr['name'] =
intr['type'] = typeinfo
intr['codeinfo'] =
def register_type_impl(cfg):
# run phase handlers
for name, handler in phase_data:
handler(cfg, cls, typeinfo,, **
cfg.get_cfg_storage(TYPES_DIR_ID)[typeinfo.__uri__] = typeinfo
discriminator=discr, introspectables=(intr,))
return cls
def sqla_add_method(content, *args, **kw):
sa = ptah.get_session()
return content
def register_sqla_type(config, cls, tinfo, name, **kw):
base = ptah.get_base()
if not issubclass(cls, base):
# generate schema
fieldset = tinfo.fieldset
if fieldset is None:
fieldset = ptah.generate_fieldset(
cls, fieldNames=kw.get('fieldNames'),
namesFilter=kw.get('namesFilter'))"Generating fieldset for %s content type.", cls)
if fieldset is not None:
tinfo.fieldset = fieldset
if tinfo.add_method is None:
tinfo.add_method = sqla_add_method
# install __uri__ property
if not hasattr(cls, '__uri__') or hasattr(cls, '__uri_reinstall__'):
pname = None
for cl in cls.__table__.columns:
if cl.primary_key:
pname =
l = len(
cls.__uri_reinstall__ = True
cls.__uri__ = UriProperty(,
cls.__uri_sql_get__ = ptah.QueryFreezer(
lambda: ptah.get_session().query(cls) \
.filter(getattr(cls, pname) == sqla.sql.bindparam('uri')))
def resolver(uri):
"""Content resolver for %s type'"""
return cls.__uri_sql_get__.first(uri=uri[l:])
storage = config.get_cfg_storage(ID_RESOLVER)
if in storage:
raise ConfigurationError(
'Resolver for "%s" already registered'
storage[] = resolver
class UriProperty(object):
def __init__(self, prefix, cname):
self.cname = cname
self.prefix = prefix
def __get__(self, inst, cls):
if inst is None:
return self
return '%s:%s'%(self.prefix, getattr(inst, self.cname))
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