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ptahcrowd README

You can read the ptah_crowd documentation on-line at

This packages provides a nearly-complete user registration and management facility. It is similar to cartouche in feature set. The ptah_crowd package contains:

  • User registration forms
  • Reset password functionality
  • Ability to validate & suspend accounts
  • User model
  • User properties models/API
  • Ptah Management Plugin so you can manipulate API in web interface

ptah_crowd is built on-top of Pyramid and Ptah. It provides quite a few features and is generic enough to "plug into" instead of build from scratch. It is a framework and not library. ptah_crowd` does something out-of-the-box and is meant to be extended.

It is worthwhile to understand that ptah_crowd is not a wsgi application. You need an application such as one of the applications in the examples github repository,

Quick start

If you do not have an application, lets use examples/ptah_models.

Install ptah_models into your virtualenv:

$ cd examples/ptah_models
$ /path/to/virtualenv/bin/python develop

Then install ptah_crowd into your virtualenv:

$ cd ptah_crowd
$ /path/to/virtualenv/bin/python develop

Now all that is remaining is telling the application to use ptah_crowd. This is really easy. Two ways.

#1 - Edit the .ini File:

$ cd examples/ptah_models
$ edit settings.ini

Add ptah_crowd to the end of the pyramid.includes line:

pyramid.includes = ptah pyramid_debugtoolbar ptah_crowd

#2 - Add it to the WSGI app:

$ cd examples/ptah_models/ptah_models
$ edit

Below the config.include('ptah') statment you can add:


Then start pyramid:

$ /path/to/virtualenv/bin/pserve settings.ini

To learn more about extending Pyramid you can read more in the documentation.