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Manual installation procedure

Step-by-step installation of the bonsai compiler and its runtime. Before attempting the manual installation, you should try the script as described in



Installing the bonsai compiler

rustup override set nightly-2018-04-18
cargo install

You can verify everything is working by running bonsai --help in your terminal.

Installing Bonsai standard library

The standard library provides several modules to ease the development of Bonsai application.

cd libstd # (inside the bonsai repository)

Installing the Bonsai runtime

The Bonsai runtime has two dependencies: SugarCubes for synchronous and reactive programming and Choco for constraint programming.

  1. Installing SugarCubes in the local Maven database:
curl > /tmp/SugarCubesv4.0.0a5.jar
mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=inria.meije.rc -DartifactId=SugarCubes -Dversion=4.0.0a5 -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=/tmp/SugarCubesv4.0.0a5.jar
  1. Installing Bonsai runtime in the local Maven database:
cd runtime/ # (inside the bonsai repository)