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[Companion guide to the paper submitted to PPDP19](
[Companion guide (PPDP19)]( (see below if the link is dead).

Spacetime programming is a programming language on top of Java to describe search strategies exploring combinatorial state-space such as in constraint satisfaction problems.
Please consult the [spacetime manual]( for more information.
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This supplementary material gives instructions to compile and run the examples and benchmarks presented in the paper.

### Prerequisites

* [rustup]( `curl -sSf | sh` (do not forget to source your profile or restart your terminal).
* [Maven](, it is usually available in the package manager of your distribution:
1. MacOSX: `sudo brew install maven`
2. Linux Ubuntu: `sudo apt-get install maven`

### Installing Bonsai (tag PPDP19)

If you want to replicate any benchmark and running examples, first install the compiler and runtime as follows:

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In case of problems, please go to the [Getting Started](getting-started.html) section (but do not forget to switch to the `PPDP19` branch).
If you have any issue, please consult [Getting Started](getting-started.html) for further instructions.

## Demo of the examples in the paper

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