Project management plugin for Mantis, adding advanced estimation, timetracking and reporting functionalities
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Mantis Project Management

Copyright (C) 2011 Vincent Sels


Project Management is a plugin for the open source MantisBT tool (also check out its Github page). This plugin attempts to add basic project management features such as estimations, timetracking, project follow-up, and resource management to the existing bugtracking functionality.

Current features

Advanced time registration

  • Allows different types of work like analysis, development and testing.
  • Optionally supply an estimation to be set once. The remaining work todo is calculated.
  • Optionally overrule the calculated amount of work to do. The difference with calculated amount of work is visualised.
  • Displays a summary in the bug view details.
  • Highly configurable: specify for which profiles time registration is enabled, which profiles can alter estimations, which sorts work are usable by which profiles,...

Time registration overviews

  • Time registration worksheet:
    • Displays recently visited issues, allows direct input of hours done.
    • Displays recently registered hours done, by day, week and month.
  • Time registration overview / billing:
    • Limited to managers, an overview of all hours registered, the price per hour of the resource, and total costs.
    • The ability to delete or change time registration entries (todo).
    • Easily navigate to data for a specific project, category, user, type of work,...
    • Displays summary reports per user.

Resource management

  • For each user, optionally specify the amount of hours per week and hourly cost, default type of work, (todo)...

Upcoming features

Project timeline

  • Show an MS project-like matrix of projects, tickets, versions, resources, work done and todo.
  • Allow for easy redistribution of work among available resources.

Resource overviews

  • Get detailed overviews per resource - tickets solved, most overdue tickets,...


A lot of credit goes to Mantis plugin-guru jreese (, whose plugins supplied a great source of examples and inspiration.