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This project uses Break Versioning as of Aug 16, 2014.

v2.12.2 / 2016 Jan 14

This is a minor, non-breaking release

  • New: Allow reclaiming resources for pub/sub on closing [#149 @mpenet]
  • Fix: Add missing Tundra disk store type hint
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.12.2"]

v2.12.1 / 2015 Nov 30

  • Hotfix: broken Faraday data store for Tundra [#147]
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.12.1"]

v2.12.0 / 2015 Sep 30

This is a significant feature release focused on new CAS utils

  • New: conn spec URIs now support /db path [#113 @olek]
  • New: with-replies now supports nesting
  • New: added experimental CAS utils: swap, hswap
  • New: updated commands.json (2015 Aug 5)
  • Perf: bumped Nippy dependency to v2.10.0
  • Perf: minor low-level Redis protocol optimizations
  • Fix: Tundra S3 datastore wasn't closing input stream
  • Docs: wcar docstring now has a warning re: laziness [#138]
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.12.0"]

v2.11.1 / 2015 June 5

This is a non-breaking hotfix release

  • Fix: message queue workers use 2 conns when they only need 1 [#135 @gfredericks]
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.11.1"]

v2.11.0 / 2015 June 4

This is a non-breaking maintenance release

  • Performance: upgrade to Nippy v2.9.0
  • New: update Redis commands.json (May 29)
  • Fix: commons-pool losing connections over time [#127 @cespare]
  • Fix: Tundra disk store endless loop when failing to create ouput dir
  • Misc: bump dependencies (incl. Encore + Faraday)
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.11.0"]

v2.10.0 / 2015 May 6

This is a non-breaking performance release

  • Implementation: switch doseq -> (faster) run! calls
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.10.0"]

v2.9.2 / 2015 Apr 1

This is a non-breaking hotfix release

  • Fix: fragile make-new-connection destructuring [@chairmanwow @mavbozo #130]
  • New: return can now take multiple args
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.9.2"]

v2.9.1 / 2015 Mar 26

This is a non-breaking hotfix release

  • Fix: atomic no longer masks pre-discard exceptions
[com.taoensso/carmine "2.9.1"]

v2.9.0 / 2014 Dec 11

This release adds more control over connection timeouts and introduces a default (4 second) timeout for acquiring a connection.

  • CHANGE: Cleaned up Listener docstrings.
  • NEW [#120]: Connection specs now support :read-timeout-ms and :conn-timeout-ms (the latter defaults to 4 seconds).

v2.8.0 / 2014 Nov 23

This is a major but backwards-compatible update focused on performance tuning + general housekeeping.

  • CHANGE NB: Upgraded to Nippy v2.7.0 for serialized data perf+size improvements. See Nippy's changelog for details.
  • CHANGE: Lua scripts are now separated from Clojure code for syntax highlighting + easier debugging.
  • CHANGE [#108]: result stashing (notably Lua scripts) now uses one less TCP roundtrip.
  • CHANGE: compare-and-set optimization: now uses hashing for all arg types.
  • NEW [#106]: Experimental: conn specs can now take a :conn-setup-fn option (useful for pre-loading Lua scripts, etc.).
  • NEW [#107]: Experimental: reply suppression via parse-suppress (useful with atomic, etc.).
  • NEW: Updated to latest commands.json (2014, Oct 8).

v2.7.1 / 2014 Oct 4

  • NEW: Experimental compare-and-set fn.

v2.7.0 / 2014 Aug 27

This is a significant release that may be breaking for those using custom connection pool options.

  • POSSIBLY BREAKING: Upgraded to apache-commons-pool v2, bumped default max active conns (8->16). If you're using custom connection pool options, please confirm that none of your options have been removed in v2 (an exception will be thrown for invalid options).
  • CHANGE: New lock-free connection pool cache (improved performance under contention).
  • CHANGE: All Exceptions are now ExceptionInfos.
  • CHANGE: wcar,atomic*,atomicnow catchThrowables rather thanException`s (assertions in particular).
  • NEW: New commands! (Updated official commands.json spec).
  • NEW: Added atomic* (alpha) low-level transactions util (#93).

v2.6.2 / 2014 May 3

This is a hotfix release.

  • [#84] FIX empty-string writes (they were throwing exceptions) (@bzg).

v2.6.1 / 2014 May 1

This is an important fix release, please update from v2.6.0 ASAP.

  • [#83] Nb FIX unnecessary serialization of binary arguments (@mishok13).

v2.6.0 / 2014 Apr 1

Adds support for new HyperLogLog commands (currently requires a Redis >=2.8.9 client).

  • Updated official commands.json spec.
  • Bumped Encore dependency.

v2.5.0 / 2014 Mar 30

Major, backwards-compatible release that refactors a lot of internal code for performance, reliability, and as groundwork for an upcoming v3 with Redis Cluster support.


  • Moved most utils to external encore dependency.
  • DEPRECATED: as-long, as-double, parse-long, parse-double -> as-int, as-float, parse-int, parse-float.
  • Completely refactored protocol design in prep for Redis Cluster support.
  • Misc performance & reliability improvements.


  • Fix atomic regression (c9ca09d40).
  • Fix broken Tundra tests, improve test reliability.
  • Fix atomic exception handling (wasn't throwing swap exceptions as it should).

v2.4.6 / 2014 Jan 31


  • #71 Fix bad atomic arg order (neilmock).
  • #72 Fix bad mq handler connection arg (neilmock).

v2.4.5 / 2014 Jan 22

This is a backwards compatible bug fix release. Recommended upgrade.


  • Updated commands.json to bring in Redis 2.8 SCAN commands.


  • #68 Pub/Sub bug preventing use with passwords & db selects (sritchie).
  • as-map (and by extension parse-map) post condition bug: should allow nils.
  • lua-local vector-args bug.
  • Fix Tundra message queue name formatting.
  • Fix lua + parse-raw support (chenfisher).
  • #71 Message queue workers no longer terminate on errors (notably connection errors) but will retry after backoff.
  • Fix regression introduced by #70.

v2.3.1 → v2.4.0 (major update!)

  • IMPORTANT Message queues: pre-2.4.0-beta1 queues should be compatible with 2.4.0-beta1+, but I would recommend draining your old queues before upgrading to 2.4.0-beta1+ to be on the safe side. That is: if you have any queued work outstanding - finish processing the work before upgrading Carmine.
  • BREAKING Tundra: the datastore protocol has changed (been simplified). put-keys, fetch-keys -> put-key, fetch-keys.
  • POTENTIALLY BREAKING Parsers: with-replies now passes enclosing parser state to its body. This only affects you if you have used with-replies to write custom Redis commands that operate within an implicit context and you interpret the with-replies result internally. The new docstring contains details.
  • DEPRECATED: hmget* and hmgetall*. In future use the parse-map macro which is: faster, more flexible, pipeline-capable.

  • Parsers: completely refactored design for robustness+flexibility.

  • Parsers: new unit-test suite.
  • Parsers: fixed a number of subtle bugs, mostly internal.
  • Parsers: added parser-comp fn for composing parsers (see docstring for details).
  • Parsers: added parse-nippy macro for convenient per-cmd control of thaw opts.
  • Parsers: added parse-map for parsing multi-bulk replies as Clojure hashmaps.

  • Message queues: completely refactored design for robustness+efficiency.

  • Message queues: new unit-test suite.
  • Message queues: fixed a number of bugs, mostly garbage-collection issues.
  • Message queues: enqueue now accepts an optional, custom unique message id (e.g. message hash).
  • Message queues: handlers may now return {:status :success :backoff-ms <msecs>} for de-duplicate backoff. enqueue will return an error in these cases (see docstring for details).
  • Message queues: message-status can now be called within pipelines.
  • Message queues: message-status now has more detailed return types (see docstring for details).
  • Message queues: multi-worker end-of-queue backoffs are now synchronized more efficiently.
  • Message queues: workers now accept an optional monitor fn for queue-status logging, etc. (see docstring for details). A default monitor is provided that will warn when queue size > 1000 items.
  • Message queues: workers now accept an optional nthreads arg for spinning up synchronized multi-threaded workers.
  • Message queues: handlers now receive message id along with other args.
  • Message queues: enqueue now takes an optional flag to specify dedupe behaviour when message is locked.
  • Message queues: queue-status now shows next & last mid.
  • Message queues: add support for delayed start (use :auto-start <ms> option).
  • Message queues: log notice on worker start/stop.

  • Tundra: completely refactored design for robustness+simplicity - now use standard message queue for replication worker.

  • Tundra: replication workers have inherited message queue features like retries, backoffs, etc.
  • Tundra: added S3 DataStore and skeleton secondary Carmine DataStore implementations.
  • Tundra: new unit test suite.
  • Tundra: eviction TTL is now set only after first successful replication, providing an extra level of safety.
  • Tundra: ensure-ks now no longer throws when attempting to ensure non-evictable keys.
  • Tundra: added simple disk-based DataStore implementation.

  • Scripts: added experimental lua-local for higher script performance in single-server environments.

v2.2.3 → v2.3.1

  • DEPRECATED: atomically, ensure-atomically -> atomic. The new macro is faster, more robust, more flexible. See docstring for details.
  • Official Redis command fns now contain a :redis-api metadata key that describes the first version of Redis to support the command.

v2.2.0 → v2.2.3

  • Fix race condition for pool creation (thanks cespare!).
  • Fix unnecessary reflection for pool creation (thanks harob!).

v2.1.4 → v2.2.0

  • Add hmset*, hmget* helpers.
  • Add :clojurize? option to info* helper.
  • Allow hmget*, hgetall*, zinterstore* to work with custom parsers.

v2.1.0 → v2.1.4

  • Fixed lua clashing var name regex bug (thanks to Alex Kehayias for report).

v2.0.0 → v2.1.0

  • Like with-replies, wcar macro can now take a first :as-pipeline arg: clojure (wcar {} (car/ping)) => "PONG" (wcar {} :as-pipeline (car/ping)) => ["PONG"]
  • DEPRECATED: kname -> key. The new fn does NOT automatically filter input parts for nil. This plays better with Redis' key pattern matching style, but may require manual filtering in some cases.

v1.12.0 → v2.0.0

  • Refactored a bunch of code for simplicity+performance (~20% improved roundtrip times).
  • Upgraded to Nippy v2 for pluggable compression+crypto. See the Nippy CHANGELOG for details.
  • Added early (alpha) Tundra API for semi-automatic cold data archiving. See the README for details.

  • DEPRECATED: with-conn, make-conn-pool, make-conn-spec -> wcar:

    ;;; Old usage
    (def conn-pool (car/make-conn-pool <opts>))
    (def conn-spec (car/make-conn-spec <opts>))
    (defmacro wcar* [& body] `(car/with-conn conn-pool conn-spec ~@body))
    ;;; New idiomatic usage
    (ns my-app (:require [taoensso.carmine :as car :refer (wcar)]))
    (def server1-conn {:pool {<opts>} :spec {<opts>}})
    (wcar server1-conn (car/ping)) => "PONG"
    ;; or
    (defmacro wcar* [& body] `(car/wcar server1-conn ~@body))
  • BREAKING: Keyword args now get stringified instead of serialized:

    (wcar* (car/set "foo" :bar) (car/get "foo")) => :bar  ; Old behaviour
    (wcar* (car/set "foo" :bar) (car/get "foo")) => "bar" ; New
    ;; Idiomatic usage is now:
    (wcar* (car/set "foo" :bar) (car/parse-keyword (car/get "foo"))) => :bar
    ;; Or use `freeze` if you want to serialize the input arg like before:
    (wcar* (car/set "foo" (car/freeze :bar)) (car/get "foo")) => :bar
  • BREAKING: Raw binary data return type is now unwrapped:

    (wcar* (car/get "raw-bytes")) => [<length> [B@4d66ea88>]] ; Old behaviour
    (wcar* (car/get "raw-bytes")) => [B@4d66ea88> ; New
  • BREAKING: Distributed locks API has changed: The old API used an atom for connection config. The new API takes an explicit conn arg for every fn/macro.

  • Added message queue per-message backoffs:

    ;; Handler fns can now return a response of form:
    {:status     <#{:success :error :retry}>
     :throwable  <Throwable>
     :backoff-ms <retry-backoff-ms>}
  • Added redis-call command for executing arbitrary Redis commands: (redis-call [:set "foo" "bar"] [:get "foo"]). See docstring for details.

  • Improved a number of error messages.
  • Fixed a number of subtle reply-parsing bugs.
  • Remove alpha status: parse, return, message queue ns.
  • DEPRECATED: with-parser -> parse.
  • DEPRECATED: make-dequeue-worker -> worker. See docstring for details.
  • Added support for unnamed vector (non-map) keys/args to lua-script.
  • DEPRECATED: lua-script -> lua.
  • DEPRECATED: ring/make-carmine-store -> ring/carmine-store.
  • Add ensure-atomically. See docstring for details.

v1.10.0 → v1.12.0

  • Allow pipelined (non-throwing) Lua script exceptions.
  • Allow pipelined (non-throwing) parser exceptions.
  • Improved parser error messages.
  • Fix a number of subtle with-replies and eval* bugs.

v1.9.0 → v1.10.0

  • Simplify reply parsing, remove with-mparser (vestigial).
  • Add additional reply parsing tests.
  • Added raw and parse-raw fns for completely unprocessed Redis comms.

v1.8.0 → v1.9.0

  • BREAKING: Drop official Clojure 1.3 support.
  • Performance tweaks.
  • Internal message queue improvements, add interpretable handler return status.

v1.7.0 → v1.8.0

  • DEPRECATED: make-conn-spec :timeout opt -> :timeout-ms.
  • Internal message queue improvements.

v1.6.0 → v1.7.0

  • DEPRECATED: make-keyfn -> kname.
  • Pub/sub listener now catches handler exceptions.
  • Add experimental (alpha) distributed locks API.
  • as-bool now throws on incoercible arg.
  • Fix interpolate-script memoization bug (big perf. boost).
  • BREAKING: Remove skip-replies.
  • Allow with-parser to clear current parsers with nil fn arg.

v1.5.0 → v1.6.0

  • Clean up Pub/sub listener thread (don't keep head!).
  • Add URI support to make-conn-spec.
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