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(ns taoensso.carmine.message-queue
"Carmine-backed Clojure message queue. All heavy lifting by Redis.
Message circle architecture used here is simple, reliable, and has
reasonable throughput but at best mediocre latency.
Redis keys:
* carmine:mq:<qname>:messages - hash, {mid mcontent}.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:locks - hash, {mid lock-expiry-time}.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:backoffs - hash, {mid backoff-expiry-time}.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:nattempts - hash, {mid attempt-count}.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:mid-circle - list, rotating list of mids.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:done - set, awaiting gc, requeue, etc.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:requeue - set, for `allow-requeue?` option.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:eoq-backoff? - ttl flag, used for queue-wide
(every-worker) polling backoff.
* carmine:mq:<qname>:ndry-runs - int, number of times worker(s) have
burnt through queue w/o work to do.
Ref. for basic implementation details"
{:author "Peter Taoussanis (@ptaoussanis)"}
(:require [clojure.string :as str]
[taoensso.encore :as enc]
[taoensso.timbre :as timbre]
[taoensso.carmine :as car :refer (wcar)]))
;; TODO Consider adding a size-1 blocking list for await/notify style
;; backoff? Would allow us to eliminate non-maintenance polling.
;;;; Utils
(enc/defalias exp-backoff enc/exp-backoff)
(comment (mapv #(exp-backoff % {}) (range 5)))
(def ^:private qkey (enc/memoize_ (partial car/key :carmine :mq)))
(comment (qkey :foo))
;;;; Admin
(defn clear-queues [conn-opts & qnames]
(when (seq qnames)
(wcar conn-opts
(fn [qname]
(let [qk (partial qkey qname)]
(qk :messages)
(qk :locks)
(qk :backoffs)
(qk :nattempts)
(qk :mid-circle)
(qk :done)
(qk :requeue)
(qk :eoq-backoff?)
(qk :ndry-runs))))
(defn- kvs->map [kvs] (enc/reduce-kvs assoc {} kvs))
(defn queue-status [conn-opts qname]
(let [qk (partial qkey qname)]
(zipmap [:last-mid :next-mid :messages :locks :backoffs :nattempts
:mid-circle :done :requeue :eoq-backoff? :ndry-runs]
(wcar conn-opts
(car/lindex (qk :mid-circle) 0)
(car/lindex (qk :mid-circle) -1)
(car/parse kvs->map
(car/hgetall (qk :messages))
(car/hgetall (qk :locks))
(car/hgetall (qk :backoffs))
(car/hgetall (qk :nattempts)))
(car/lrange (qk :mid-circle) 0 -1)
(->> (car/smembers (qk :done)) (car/parse set))
(->> (car/smembers (qk :requeue)) (car/parse set))
(->> (car/get (qk :eoq-backoff?)) (car/parse-bool)) ; Give TTL?
(->> (car/get (qk :ndry-runs)) (car/parse-int))))))
;;;; Implementation
(def message-status
"Returns current message status, e/o:
:queued - Awaiting handler.
:queued-with-backoff - Awaiting rehandling.
:locked - Currently with handler.
:locked-with-requeue - Currently with handler, will requeue on success.
:done-awaiting-gc - Finished handling, awaiting GC.
:done-with-backoff - Finished handling, awaiting dedupe timeout.
nil - Already GC'd or invalid message id."
(let [script (enc/slurp-resource "lua/mq/msg-status.lua")]
(fn [qname mid]
(car/lua script
{:qk-messages (qkey qname :messages)
:qk-locks (qkey qname :locks)
:qk-backoffs (qkey qname :backoffs)
:qk-done (qkey qname :done)
:qk-requeue (qkey qname :requeue)}
{:now (enc/now-udt)
:mid mid})))))
(def enqueue
"Pushes given message (any Clojure datatype) to named queue and returns unique
message id or { <message-status>}. Options:
* unique-message-id - Specify an explicit message id (e.g. message hash) to
perform a de-duplication check. If unspecified, a
unique id will be auto-generated.
* allow-requeue? - When true, allow buffered escrow-requeue for a
message in the :locked or :done-with-backoff state."
;; TODO Option to enqueue something with an init backoff?
(let [script (enc/slurp-resource "lua/mq/enqueue.lua")]
(fn [qname message & [unique-message-id allow-requeue?]]
#(if (vector? %) (get % 0) { (keyword %)})
(car/lua script
{:qk-messages (qkey qname :messages)
:qk-locks (qkey qname :locks)
:qk-backoffs (qkey qname :backoffs)
:qk-nattempts (qkey qname :nattempts)
:qk-mid-circle (qkey qname :mid-circle)
:qk-done (qkey qname :done)
:qk-requeue (qkey qname :requeue)}
{:now (enc/now-udt)
:mid (or unique-message-id (enc/uuid-str))
:mcontent (car/freeze message)
:allow-requeue? (if allow-requeue? "true" "false")})))))
(def dequeue
"IMPLEMENTATION DETAIL: Use `worker` instead.
Rotates queue's mid-circle and processes next mid. Returns:
nil - If msg GC'd, locked, or set to backoff.
\"eoq-backoff\" - If circle uninitialized or end-of-circle marker reached.
[<mid> <mcontent> <attempt>] - If message should be (re)handled now."
(let [script (enc/slurp-resource "lua/mq/dequeue.lua")]
(fn [qname & [{:keys [lock-ms eoq-backoff-ms]
:or {lock-ms (enc/ms :mins 60) eoq-backoff-ms exp-backoff}}]]
(let [;; Precomp 5 backoffs so that `dequeue` can init the backoff
;; atomically. This is hackish, but a decent tradeoff.
(fn? eoq-backoff-ms) (mapv eoq-backoff-ms (range 5))
(integer? eoq-backoff-ms) (mapv (constantly eoq-backoff-ms) (range 5))
:else (throw (ex-info (str "Bad eoq-backoff-ms: " eoq-backoff-ms)
{:eoq-backoff-ms eoq-backoff-ms})))]
(car/lua script
{:qk-messages (qkey qname :messages)
:qk-locks (qkey qname :locks)
:qk-backoffs (qkey qname :backoffs)
:qk-nattempts (qkey qname :nattempts)
:qk-mid-circle (qkey qname :mid-circle)
:qk-done (qkey qname :done)
:qk-requeue (qkey qname :requeue)
:qk-eoq-backoff (qkey qname :eoq-backoff?)
:qk-ndry-runs (qkey qname :ndry-runs)}
{:now (enc/now-udt)
:lock-ms lock-ms
:eoq-ms0 (nth eoq-backoff-ms-vec 0)
:eoq-ms1 (nth eoq-backoff-ms-vec 1)
:eoq-ms2 (nth eoq-backoff-ms-vec 2)
:eoq-ms3 (nth eoq-backoff-ms-vec 3)
:eoq-ms4 (nth eoq-backoff-ms-vec 4)})))))
(clear-queues {} :q1)
(queue-status {} :q1)
(wcar {} (enqueue :q1 :msg1 :mid1))
(wcar {} (message-status :q1 :mid1))
(wcar {} (dequeue :q1))
;;(mapv exp-backoff (range 5))
(wcar {} (car/pttl (qkey :q1 :eoq-backoff?))))
(defn handle1 "Implementation detail!"
[conn-opts qname handler [mid mcontent attempt :as poll-reply]]
(when (and poll-reply (not= poll-reply "eoq-backoff"))
(let [qk (partial qkey qname)
(fn [status mid & [backoff-ms]]
;; TODO Switch to Lua script
(car/atomic conn-opts 100
(car/watch (qk :requeue))
(let [requeue?
(car/with-replies (->> (car/sismember (qk :requeue) mid)
status (if (and (= status :success) requeue?)
:requeue status)]
(when backoff-ms ; Retry or dedupe backoff, depending on type
(car/hset (qk :backoffs) mid (+ (enc/now-udt) backoff-ms)))
(car/hdel (qk :locks) mid)
(case status
(:success :error) (car/sadd (qk :done) mid)
:requeue (do (car/srem (qk :requeue) mid)
(car/hdel (qk :nattempts) mid))
(fn [mid poll-reply ?throwable]
(done :error mid)
(ex-info ":error handler response"
{:qname qname
:mid mid
:attempt attempt
:mcontent mcontent}
"Error handling %s queue message: %s"
qname mid))
{:keys [status throwable backoff-ms]}
(let [result
(try (handler {:qname qname :mid mid
:message mcontent :attempt attempt})
(catch Throwable t
{:status :error :throwable t}))]
(when (map? result) result))]
(case status
:success (done status mid backoff-ms)
:retry (done status mid backoff-ms)
:error (error mid poll-reply throwable)
(do (done :success mid) ; For backwards-comp with old API
(timbre/warnf "Invalid handler status: %s" status))))))
;;;; Workers
(defprotocol IWorker
(start [this])
(stop [this]))
(defrecord Worker [conn-opts qname running?_ opts] (close [this] (stop this))
(stop [_]
(when (compare-and-set! running?_ true false)
(timbre/infof "Message queue worker stopped: %s" qname)
(start [_]
(when (compare-and-set! running?_ false true)
(timbre/infof "Message queue worker starting: %s" qname)
(let [{:keys [handler monitor nthreads throttle-ms]} opts
qk (partial qkey qname)
(fn []
(loop [nerrors 0]
(when @running?_
(let [?error
(let [[poll-reply ndruns mid-circle-size :as -resp]
(wcar conn-opts
(dequeue qname opts)
(car/get (qk :ndry-runs))
(car/llen (qk :mid-circle)))]
(when-let [t (some #(when (instance? Throwable %) %)
(throw t))
(when monitor
(monitor {:mid-circle-size mid-circle-size
:ndry-runs (or ndruns 0)
:poll-reply poll-reply}))
(if (= poll-reply "eoq-backoff")
(max (wcar conn-opts (car/pttl (qk :eoq-backoff?)))
(handle1 conn-opts qname handler poll-reply))
(when (and throttle-ms (> throttle-ms 0))
(Thread/sleep throttle-ms)))
nil ; Successful worker loop
(catch Throwable t t))]
(if-not ?error
(recur 0)
(let [t ?error]
(timbre/errorf t "Worker error! Will backoff & retry.")
(Thread/sleep (exp-backoff (inc nerrors)))
(recur (inc nerrors))))))))]
(dorun (repeatedly nthreads (fn [] (future (start-polling-loop!))))))
(defn monitor-fn
"Returns a worker monitor fn that warns when queue's mid-circle exceeds
the prescribed size. A backoff timeout can be provided to rate-limit this
[qname max-circle-size warn-backoff-ms]
(let [udt-last-warning_ (atom 0)]
(fn [{:keys [mid-circle-size]}]
(when (> mid-circle-size max-circle-size)
(let [instant (enc/now-udt)
udt-last-warning @udt-last-warning_]
(when (> (- instant udt-last-warning) (or warn-backoff-ms 0))
(when (compare-and-set! udt-last-warning_ udt-last-warning instant)
(timbre/warnf "Message queue size warning: %s (mid-circle-size: %s)"
qname mid-circle-size))))))))
(defn worker
"Returns a threaded worker to poll for and handle messages `enqueue`'d to
named queue. Options:
:handler - (fn [{:keys [qname mid message attempt]}]) that throws an ex
or returns {:status <#{:success :error :retry}>
:throwable <Throwable>
:backoff-ms <retry-or-dedupe-backoff-ms}.
:monitor - (fn [{:keys [mid-circle-size ndry-runs poll-reply]}])
called on each worker loop iteration. Useful for queue
monitoring/logging. See also `monitor-fn`.
:lock-ms - Max time handler may keep a message before handler
considered fatally stalled and message re-queued. Must be
sufficiently high to prevent double handling.
:eoq-backoff-ms - Thread sleep period each time end of queue is reached.
Can be a (fn [ndry-runs]) -> ms (n<=5) will be used.
Sleep synchronized for all queue workers.
:nthreads - Number of synchronized worker threads to use.
:throttle-ms - Thread sleep period between each poll."
[conn-opts qname &
[{:keys [handler monitor lock-ms eoq-backoff-ms nthreads
throttle-ms auto-start] :as opts
:or {handler (fn [args] (timbre/infof "%s" args) {:status :success})
monitor (monitor-fn qname 1000 (enc/ms :hours 6))
lock-ms (enc/ms :hours 1)
nthreads 1
throttle-ms 200
eoq-backoff-ms exp-backoff
auto-start true}}]]
(let [w (Worker. conn-opts qname (atom false)
{:handler handler
:monitor monitor
:lock-ms lock-ms
:eoq-backoff-ms eoq-backoff-ms
:nthreads nthreads
:throttle-ms throttle-ms})
;; For backwards-compatibility with old API:
auto-start (if-let [e (find opts :auto-start?)] (val e) auto-start)]
(when auto-start
(if (integer? auto-start)
(future (Thread/sleep auto-start) (start w))
(start w)))
;;;; Deprecated
(defn make-dequeue-worker "DEPRECATED: Use `worker` instead."
[pool spec & {:keys [handler-fn handler-ttl-msecs backoff-msecs throttle-msecs
(worker {:pool pool :spec spec}
(merge (when-let [ms handler-ttl-msecs] {:lock-ms ms})
(when-let [ms backoff-msecs] {:eoq-backoff-ms ms})
(when-let [ms throttle-msecs] {:throttle-ms ms})
(when-let [hf handler-fn]
{:handler (fn [{:keys [message]}]
{:status (or (#{:success :error :retry} (hf message))
{:auto-start? auto-start?}))))