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This project uses Break Versioning as of Aug 16, 2014.

v3.4.0 / 2015 Feb 16

This should be a non-breaking release that only bumps some old dependencies.

v3.3.1 / 2014 Sep 7

v3.3.0 / 2014 May 8

  • CHANGE: Update IRC appender to Timbre v3 style (@crisptrutski).
  • FIX [#47]: correctly format nanosecond profiling times.
  • FIX [#77]: profile ids now use correct (compile-time rather than runtime) ns prefix.
  • NEW: Add zmq appender (@angusiguess).
  • NEW [#75]: Make defnp support multi-arity functions (@maurolopes)

v3.2.1 / 2014 May 7

  • FIX: missing tools.reader upstream dependency (@ducky427).

v3.2.0 / 2014 May 6

  • FIX [#60]: defnp no longer generates an Eastwood warning (@ducky427).
  • CHANGE: Improved profiling memory efficiency (max memory use, was previously unbounded).
  • CHANGE: Profiling: make larger call numbers easier to read.
  • [#63]: NEW: Add support for thread-local configuration (@jameswarren).

v3.1.6 / 2014 Mar 16

  • FIX [#56]: defnp/p head retention issue (@kyptin).

v3.1.5 / 2014 Mar 15

  • FIX: profiling/p* was defined incorrectly (@kyptin).

v3.1.4 / 2014 Mar 13

  • NEW: Add profiling/p* macro.
  • CHANGE: Include p, p* in refer-timbre imports.
  • FIX: rotor appender not rotating (@iantruslove, @kurtharriger).

v3.1.3 / 2014 Mar 11

  • FIX: profiling id namespacing.

v3.1.1 / 2014 Feb 26

  • FIX: project.clj to prevent unnecessary downstream deps.

v3.1.0 / 2014 Feb 23


  • #47 Added taoensso.timbre.profiling/pspy* fn.


  • Made Carmine appender resistant to unexpected log entry thaw errors.
  • Moved most utils to external encore dependency.


  • #50 Fixed rotor appender so that it respects :fmt-output-opts (kenrestivo).

v3.0.0 / 2014 Jan 30

Major update, non-breaking though users with custom appenders are encouraged to view the Changes section below. This version polishes up the codebase and general design. Tightened up a few aspects of how appenders and appender middleware work. Added a serializing Carmine appender (I use something similar in prod most of the time). Also finally added facilities for ad hoc (non-atom) logging configuration.

Overall quite happy with the state of Timbre as of this release. No major anticipated improvements/changes from here (modulo bugs).


  • Android appender, courtesy of AdamClements.
  • Rolling appender, courtesy of megayu.
  • Powerful, high-performance Carmine (Redis) appender: query-able, rotating serialized log entries by log level. See README or appender's docstring for details. (Recommended!)
  • Appender rate limits now specified in a more flexible format: [ncalls window-msecs], e.g. [1 2000] for 1 write / 2000 msecs.
  • Appender rate limits now also apply (at 1/4 ncalls) to any particular logging arguments in the same time window. This helps prevent a particular logging call from flooding the limiter and preventing other calls from getting through.
  • sometimes macro that executes body with given probability. Useful for sampled logging (e.g. email a report for 0.01% of user logins in production).
  • log and logf macros now take an optional logging config map as their first argument: (log :info "hello") => use @timbre/config, (log <config> :info "hello") => use <config>.
  • Appenders can now specify an optional :fmt-output-opts that'll get passed to fmt-output-fn for any special formatting requirements they may have (e.g. the Postal email appender provides an arg to suppress ANSI colors in stacktrace output).


  • EXPERIMENTAL: stacktraces now formatted with io.aviso/pretty rather than clj-stacktrace. Feedback on this (esp. coloring) welcome!
  • DEPRECATED: red, green, blue -> use color-str instead.
  • DEPRECATED: config prefix-fn has been replaced by the more flexible fmt-output-fn. Change is backwards compatible.
  • REMOVED: Per-appender :prefix option dropped - was unnecessary. If an appender wants custom output formatting, it can do so w/o using an in-config formatter.
  • Update refer-timbre (add profiling, logf variations, etc.).
  • DEPRECATED: atom logging level is now located in level-atom rather than config. Old in-config levels will be respected (i.e. change is backwards compatible).
  • DEPRECATED: appender rate limits are now specified as :rate-limit [ncalls window-msecs] rather than :limit-per-msecs ncalls. Change is backwards compatible.
  • Built-in appenders have been simplified using the new default-output appender arg.
  • Postal appender now generates a more useful subject in most cases.


  • #38 Broken namespace filter (mlb-).
  • Messages are now generated after middleware has been applied, allowing better filtering performance and more intuitive behaviour (e.g. changes to args in middleware will now automatically percolate to message content).
  • (logf <level> "hello %s") was throwing due to lack of formatting args.

v2.6.3 → v2.7.1

  • Core: getHostName no longer runs on the main thread for better Android compatibility (AdamClements).
  • Profiling: added defnp macro.
  • Profiling: fix compile-time name creation: now runtime (aperiodic).
  • Appenders: added rotating file appender (mopemope).

v2.5.0 → v2.6.3

  • Perf: add support for a compile-time logging level environment variable (TIMBRE_LOG_LEVEL). See timbre/compile-time-level docstring for details.
  • Fix: use-timbre, str-println bugs.
  • Fix: Null Pointer Exception in clj-stacktrace (bitemyapp).

v2.4.1 → v2.5.0

  • Added :file and :line appender args.
  • Fixed make-timestamp-fn thread safety.

v2.3.4 → v2.4.1

  • Added refer-timbre for conveniently requireing standard timbre vars.
  • Postal appender now uses throwable as subject when no other args given.
  • log-errors, log-and-rethrow-errors now catch Throwable instead of Exception.

v2.2.0 → v2.3.4

  • Added with-log-level for thread-local logging levels: (with-level :trace (trace "This will log!")). Esp. useful for developing & unit tests, etc.

v2.1.2 → v2.2.0

  • Add socket, MongoDB appenders (thanks to emlyn).

v2.0.0 → v2.1.2

  • Added appenders: socket, IRC, MongoDB (CongoMongo). See README for details.
  • Add ex-data output to stacktrace fn.
  • Fixed a number of small bugs (mostly regressions from 1.x).

v1.6.0 → v2.0.0

  • Refactor for integration with tools.logging.
  • BREAKING: Drop Clojure 1.3 support.
  • DEPRECATED: :max-messages-per-msecs appender arg -> :limit-per-msecs.

  • BREAKING: :more appender arg has been dropped. :message arg is now a string of all arguments as joined by logp/logf. Appenders that need unjoined logging arguments (i.e. raw arguments as given to logp/logf) should use the new :log-args vector.

  • BREAKING: Stacktraces are no longer automatically generated at the log-macro level. Stacktraces are now left as an appender implementation detail. A :throwable appender argument has been added along with a stacktrace fn.

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