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[com.taoensso/tufte "2.1.0"]

Identical to "2.1.0-RC5" (besides some docstring tweaks).

This is an API-non-breaking feature release (though format-pstats output has changed). Big thanks to @ivarref for much of the work+input on this release!

Feedback and bug reports welcome, especially for the Cljs implementation which I'm not currently using myself.

Thank you!

  • [#54] New: merge-pstats clock total should now mostly be lossless (@ivarref)
  • [#37] New: Improve+expand accumulator utils to make one common pattern of app-wide profiling trivial
  • [#32 #31 #30] New: format-pstats: add configurable columns filter, sort, id format (@ivarref)
  • [#41] New: Add abbreviated format-id-fn (@ivarref)
  • [#19] New: Add defnp- macro
  • New: defnp: add support for explicit ^{:tufte/id _} to override automatic ids
  • New: New optional stats columns: :p25, :p75
  • [#33] Fix: cljs implementation was broken
  • [#54] Fix: merge-pstats compaction wasn't always working, could lead to OOMs (@ivarref)
  • [#40] Change: Left-align pid in format-pstats output (@meeseekz)
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