Intuitionistic Theorem Provers and Formula Generators in Python
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Intuitionistic (and classical) Propositional Theorem Provers and Formula Generators in Python

Tested with python 3.7.0 and pypy 3.5

Main components:

  • generator all implicational formulas of size n (note that implication i->j is represented as the tuple (i,j) with i,j natural numbers

  • generator for random implicational formulas combining Remy's algorithm and a random set partition generator

  • an implicational propositional intuitionistic logic theorem prover

  • a generator for closed lambda terms and a type inference algorithm for generating simply-typed terms of a given size

  • tests on a Python-readable version of the ILTP propositional logic tests


The addition of a SAT-based classical propositional tautology prover needs the pycosat package, install it with something like

pip3 install pycosat

If not interested inthat, just comment out the pycosat import statements. We have no dependencies for the intuitionistic provers.

Examples of use

after python3 -i
try out:

>>> list(iFormula(3))
>>> s
((0, (1, 2)), ((0, 1), (0, 2)))
>>> iprove(s)

>>> it = ('->','p',('~', ('~','p')))
>>> it = expandNeg(it)
>>> fprove(it)

>>> allFormTest(6)
6 provable 27406 total 115764 unprovable 88358 ratio 0.23674026467641063
>>> fullFormTest(7)
7 provable 2067 total 39369 unprovable 37302 ratio 0.05250323858873733

See more examples of use in .