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Horribly hacky first take at a Kinect Camera driver. Does RGB and Depth.

main.c implements a simple OpenGL visualization. Hopefully it should be mostly self-explanatory... You pretty much just open the USB device, call cams_init(dev, depthimg, rgbimg), and your depthimg and rgbimg callbacks get called as libusb processes events.


  • TONS of cleanup. I mean LOTS.
  • Determine exactly what the inits do
  • Bayer to RGB conversion that doesn't suck
  • Integrate support for the servo and accelerometer (which have already been reverse engineered)

BIG TODO: audio.

The audio chip (the Marvell) requires firmware and more init and does a TON of stuff including the crypto authentication to prove that it is an original Kinect and not a clone. Who knows what this thing does to the incoming audio. This should be interesting to look at.

OSX Install

port install cmake
cmake .


Libfreenect is Copyright (C) 2010 Hector Martin "marcan"

This code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or version 3; see:


  • Adafruit, for providing the USB logs that I used to work out the initialization sequence and data format.

  • bushing, for trying to provide USB logs, although he got preempted by Adafruit ;)

  • A few other people who provided hints and encouragement along the way, you know who you are!