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Long time coming, this idea has brewed for a long time.

With this first release of Butler Spyglass it becomes very easy to extract both data lineage and
load scripts for all apps in a Qlik Sense Enterprise environment.

In large, complex Qlik Sense environments (hundreds or even thousands of apps!) it is impossible to manually keep track of which apps use what data sources - automated data lineage generation is a must.

The same thing goes for app load scripts. By automatically extracting them daily, it is then easy to have a scheduled task zip them into an archive that can be saved for future reference. A kind of backup thus, but way easier to use than traditional disk backups. It is also possible to do various analysis of the script files, such as counting lines of code, assessing whether coding standards are followed etc.

The thing missing in this first version are front-end Sense apps for doing the actual analysis.
The data lineage CSV file should be loaded into a Sense app, to enable later analysis of the lineage data.
Such app(s) are left as an exercise for you to create.. Feel free to contribute good analysis apps back to the main project though, pull requests are encouraged and appreciated!

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