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_strap is a starter theme for WordPress. It has the goal of integrating Twitter's bootstrap ( into Automattic's _s ( with the smallest possible changeset.

_strap works with Bootstrap 3️⃣
the Bootstrap 2️⃣ version is still available at its own branch

Like its big brother _s, _strap is not intended as Parent theme, rather as starting point to build a custom theme from scratch. This means you will have to replace all internal references to _s with your new theme's name. No worries, you don't have to do it by hand: _strap includes an automatic process - just follow the instructions below.


  1. Download the .zip
  2. Unpack it to your /wp-content/themes directory.
  3. Log in to your WordPress backend and activate it
  4. You will notice a new "Build theme" item in the Appearence section of the admin menu - go there
  5. Choose the name and slug of your new _strap-based, custom theme; when you submit the form, _strap will be cloned to /wp-content/themes/, in a new folder named after your theme's slug.
  6. That's it. Unless you plan on starting your theme from scratch over an over, like you had some kind of compulsive writer's block, you can now delete /wp-content/themes/_strap all together and start working on your brand new theme.

What you get

No bloat, just the bare minimum to make _s work with Bootstrap; most of it you'll find in /inc/functions-strap-php

  • a filter and a custom walker to turn a wp_nav_menu() into a Bootstrap navbar
  • filters for captioned images and oembeds
  • Bootstrap styled comment and search forms
  • Bootstrap responsive grid semantically applied to the original _s markup

What you put

  • You can customize the original Bootstrap LESS files - in particular /bootstrap/less/variables.less
  • You should add your custom styles at the end of /style.less and/or in extra .less files you should then @import in /style.less
  • After changes you should compile /style.less to /style.css
  • Of course you should edit any of the actual theme .php files as you see fit, exactly like you would do with ant other starter theme; if you alter the markup structure of the theme, i.e. create a different grid, you should use either use the orginal Bootsrap classes or the mixins Bootstrap provides to attach the same behaviour to any element.


Have you translated _strap into another language? Submit a pull request now!

Made with _strap

Here are some live websites using themes made with _strap
Made something with _strap? Submit a pull request with your screenshot to the _strap_made branch
Design by Boumaka. Code by @ptbello, @alevals
Design by Boumaka. Code by @ptbello, @alevals
Design by Boumaka. Code by @ptbello