A simple Http - just-only-one-file library inspired by PSR-7 and working with curl/socket for sending request.
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This package is deprecated, please use EasyRequest instead of. It's newer and better.

Simple PHP Http Client

A simple Http library that inspired by PSR-7 and working with curl/socket for sending request.


PHP needs to be a minimum version of PHP 5.0 with socket or curl enabled.


To install this library, install composer and issue the following command:

composer require "ptcong/php-http-class": "^3.0"
composer update

If your hosting is running with PHP 5.2, you should refer to this library: https://bitbucket.org/xrstf/composer-php52


First, you neeed to include composer autoloader.

require dirname(__FILE__).'/vendor/autoload.php';

Create a client

$client = EasyRequest::create('GET', 'http://google.com');
// or
$client = EasyRequest::create('http://google.com', 'GET');
$client = EasyRequest::create('http://google.com'); // default is GET

Create a client with default options

$method = 'POST'; // may GET/POST/PUT or any HTTP method
$target = 'http://domain.com';
$request = EasyRequest::create($method, $target, array(
    'handler'          => null,  // null|string - "socket" or "curl". null to use default.
    'method'           => 'GET',  // string
    'url'              => null,  // string
    'nobody'           => false, // boolean
    'follow_redirects' => 0,     // integer|true - True to follows all of redirections.
    'protocol_version' => '1.1', // string
    'timeout'          => 10,    // integer Timeout in seconds
    'user_agent'       => 'Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0',
    'auth'             => null,    // null|string An Auth Basic "user:password"
    'proxy'            => null,    // null|string A proxy with format "ip:port"
    'proxy_userpwd'    => null,    // null|string User password with format "user:password"
    'proxy_type'       => 'http',  // string Must be one of "http" or "sock5"
    'headers'          => array(), // array
    'cookies'          => array(), // array
    'json'             => false,   // false|string String json
    'body'             => '',      // string|resource
    'query'            => array(), // array
    'form_params'      => array(), // array
    'multipart'        => array(), // array

var_dump($request->getResponse()); // null if have errors occured while sending.

Options and Helper methods

This library provides two handlers for sending request are Socket and Curl. By default, the library will try to detect your PHP settings and request options what you set to give a handler. But if you perfer to use Socket or Curl, you can specify that by handler option. Socket is built in PHP, so you can use this library for sending request without curl extension.

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'handler' => 'socket' // or 'curl'

Shortcut methods to creating and sending request quickly

You can use all of HTTP methods as shortcut

$client = EasyRequest::post('http://domain.com', $options);
$client = EasyRequest::get('http://domain.com', $options);
$client = EasyRequest::put('http://domain.com', $options);
$client = EasyRequest::delete('http://domain.com', $options);

Some simple options

    ->withTimeout(10) // timeout of sending request
    ->withNobody(true) // specify that you only want to get headers
    ->withProtocolVersion('1.1') // HTTP protocol version
    ->withFollowRedirects(true) // true or an integer
    ->withUserAgent('Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.9; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0');

With headers

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'headers' => array(
        'Referer' => 'http://google.com',
        'Header1' => 'value',
        'Header2' => array(
            'value2', 'value3'
// to append value2 to Header1
->withHeader('Header1', 'value2')

// to replace value3 to Header1
->withHeader('Header1', 'value3', flase)

// to append value4, value5 to Header1
->withHeader('Header1', array('value4', 'value5'))

// to append value 7 to Header2, value6 to Header1
  'Header1' => 'value6',
  'Header2' => 'value7'
), null, true)

// to remove a header by case-insensitive

With cookies

Use helper method to set dynamic values.

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'cookies' => array(
            'Name' => 'cookie0',
            'Value' => 'value0',
            'Path' => '/',
            'Max-Age'  => 300,
            'Expires'  => time() + 86400,
            'Secure'   => false,
            'Discard'  => false,
            'HttpOnly' => false
// with default args
->withCookie('cookie1', 'value1', $path = '/', $secure = false, $httpOnly = false)
->withCookie('cookie2', 'value2')
->withCookie('cookie6=value6; expires=Fri, 26-Jun-2015 03:24:07 GMT')

// Sets multiple cookies by string
->withStringCookies('cookie3=value3; cookie4=value4;cookie5=value5')

// to remove a cookie by name

With query string

Query option similar to Form param option.

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'query' => array(
        'query1' => 'value1',
        'query2' => 'value2',
        'query3' => 'value3',
->withQuery('query1', 'value2')
->withQuery('query2', 'value3', false) // to override query2
    'query5' => 'value5',
    'query6' => 'value6'
// to remove a query by name

With form params

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'form_params' => array(
        'field1' => 'value1',
        'field2' => array('value2', 'value3')
        'field3' => array(
            'nested1' => 1,
            'nested2' => 2
        'field4' => array(1, 2)
->withFormParam('field1', 'value2') // field1 will be field1[]=value1&field1[]=value2
->withFormParam('field1', 'value3', false) // field1 will be field1=value3
    'field8' => 'value8',
    'field9' => 'value9'

// to remove a form field by name

// to see your data
var_dump((string) $client->prepareRequest()->getBody());

With multipart data

Multipart field require name and contents keys. filename and headers are optional.

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'multipart' => array(
            'name' => 'field1',
            'contents' => 'value1'
            'name' => 'field2',
            'contents' => 'this is a text file',
            'filename' => 'file.txt',
            'headers' => array(
                'Custom-Header' => 'abc'
        // may use to upload a file
            'name' => 'field2',
            'contents' => fopen('/path/to/file'),
            // optional keys
            'filename' => 'file.jpg',
            'headers' => array(
                'Content-Type' => 'image/jpg'
->withMultipart('field2', 'value2')
->withMultipart('field3', 'value3', 'fieldname3')
->withMultipart('field4', 'value4', 'fieldname4', array('Custom-Header' => 'value'))
->withMultipart('file1', fopen('/path/to/file'), 'filename1') // to upload a file

// to remove a part

Upload a file.

    ->withFormFile('file1', '/path/to/file1', $optionalFileName = null, $optionalHeaders = array())
    ->withFormFile('file2', '/path/to/file2');

// to remove this file

Post RAW data

$client->withBody('raw data');

Post JSON data

Used to easily upload JSON encoded data as the body of a request. A Content-Type: application/json header will be added if no Content-Type header is already present on the message.

// or

With HTTP/ Sock5 Proxy

You may use a HTTP or Sock Proxy. But Sock Proxy require curl extension.

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'proxy'         => '',
    'proxy_userpwd' => 'user:pass',
    'proxy_type'    => 'http' // "http" or "sock5"
$client->withProxy(''); // proxy without user pass, default is HTTP proxy
$client->withProxy('', 'user:pass'); // use HTTP proxy with user, pass
$client->withProxy('', null, 'sock5'); // use sock5 proxy

$client->withSock5Proxy('', 'user:pass'); // use sock5 proxy
$client->withHttpProxy('', 'user:pass'); // use http proxy

With Auth Basic

$client = EasyRequest::create('POST', 'http://domain.com', array(
    'auth' => 'user:pass',

Send request and get responses

var_dump($client->getResponse() !== null);
boolean true
Get response status code
int 200
Get response reason
string 'OK' (length=2)
Get response body text
string 'Hello' (length=5)

var_dump((string) $client);
string 'Hello' (length=5)
Get response cookies as string
string 'c1=v1; c2=v2;' (length=13)
Get response cookies as array
array (size=2)
  0 =>
    array (size=9)
      'Name' => string 'c1' (length=2)
      'Value' => string 'v1' (length=2)
      'Domain' => null
      'Path' => string '/' (length=1)
      'Max-Age' => null
      'Expires' => string 'Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:13:07 GMT' (length=29)
      'Secure' => boolean false
      'Discard' => boolean false
      'HttpOnly' => boolean false
  1 =>
    array (size=9)
      'Name' => string 'c2' (length=2)
      'Value' => string 'v2' (length=2)
      'Domain' => string 'abc.com' (length=7)
      'Path' => string '/Path/' (length=6)
      'Max-Age' => null
      'Expires' => string 'Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:13:07 GMT' (length=29)
      'Secure' => boolean true
      'Discard' => boolean false
      'HttpOnly' => boolean true
Get response header lines by specified name
var_dump($client->getResponseHeader('set-cookie')); // Case-insensitive
array (size=2)
  0 => string 'c1=v1; expires=Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:13:48 GMT' (length=44)
  1 => string 'c2=v2; expires=Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:13:48 GMT; path=/Path/; domain=abc.com; secure; httponly' (length=91)
Get response header lines as comma-separated string
string 'Apache' (length=6)
Get response headers as lines
array (size=9)
  0 => string 'Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 11:20:14 GMT' (length=35)
  1 => string 'Server: Apache' (length=14)
  2 => string 'X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.17' (length=24)
  3 => string 'Set-Cookie: c1=v1; expires=Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:21:54 GMT' (length=56)
  4 => string 'Set-Cookie: c2=v2; expires=Sun, 28-Jun-2015 11:21:54 GMT; path=/Path/; domain=abc.com; secure; httponly' (length=103)
  5 => string 'Location: c.php' (length=15)
  6 => string 'Content-Length: 0' (length=17)
  7 => string 'Connection: close' (length=17)
  8 => string 'Content-Type: text/html' (length=23)
Get followed redirect urls, count, requests, cookies collection
// all cookies, may has some different sites
// get all request details
Get debug info
array (size=4)
  'time_start' => float 1435488809.58
  'time_process' => float 0.00152993202209
  'handler' => string 'socket' (length=6)
  'errors' =>
    array (size=0)