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A Markov chain based text generation library and MegaHAL style chatbot
Python Shell
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COBE stands for Code of Business Ethics. Cobe is a conversation
simulator, a database backed port of MegaHAL.

It has been inspired by the success of Hailo:

Our goals are similar: an on-disk data store for lower memory usage,
better support for Unicode, and general stability.

You can read about the original MegaHAL here:

In short, it uses Markov modeling to generate text responses after
learning from input text.

Cobe currently behaves similarly to MegaHAL 9.1.1. It uses 5th-order
Markov chains by default, generates as many responses as it can in a
constant amount of time, and scores those responses based on the
surprise they create given the Markov probabilities. This is described
in greater detail in the document linked above.

Cobe installs a command line tool (called cobe) for interacting with a
brain database, though it is also intended to be used as a Python
api. See the documentation in the cobe.brain module for details.

To install from a tarball:

  $ python install

Or from the Python Package Index:

  $ easy_install cobe


  $ cobe init
  $ cobe learn <text file>
  $ cobe console
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