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\f0\fs24 \cf0 README\
Machines the program was compiled on:\
The program was compiled, tested, and submitted from gl05. I also compiled and developed the program locally on my intel iMac running snow leopard\
How to run program:	\
To run the program you simply navigate to /A2/src/ and run ./a2. The program will start and display a cube.\
What you can do:\
In this program you can manipulate a cube and the camera that is viewing it. Using your mouse you can:\
	Translate the position of the cube\
	Rotate the cube\
	Scale the cube\
	Rotate what the camera is looking at\
	Translate the camera to a new position\
	Change the values of the field of view, near plane, and far plane\
Rotations, translations, and scales can all be modified one axis at a time. Left click will apply a transformation on the x-axis, middle click will apply a translation on the y-axis, and right click will apply a translation on the z-axis.\
The menu bar has two items. Under Application you can quit the program or reset the view back to a default\
Under mode you can switch between all the different modes offered by the program\
List of keyboard shortcuts:\
O	Enter View Rotate Mode\
N	Enter View Translate Mode\
P	Enter View Perspective Mode\
R	Enter Model Rotate Mode\
T	Enter Model Translate Mode\
S	Enter Model Scale Mode\
V	Enter Viewport Mode (not supported)\
Q	Quit\
A	Reset View\