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Machines the program was compiled on:
The program was compiled, tested, and submitted from gl05. I also compiled and developed the program locally on my intel iMac running snow leopard

How to run program:	
To run the program you simply navigate to /A4/src/ and run ./rt <file.lua> <number of threads> <number of samples>. The program

What you can do:
The purpose of this program is to ray trace a file described in lua. A user can describe a variety of shapes in a scene and also transform
and translate them. After describing the scene a user can describe where light sources are and where the user plans to view teh scene from.
After doing this the user can run the raytracer program passing in their lua file and the program will draw out the file they described to
a png.

Other features implemented are multithreading and antialiasing. By default the program will use 1 thread and will only take 1 sample per
pixel. If you want to add more there is a global variable inside a4.cpp called samples and numThreads. Samples is a variable that stores
how many rows and columns worth of samples the program is to take per pixel. So if a user puts in, samples = 5, the program will take 25
samples per pixel. It will divide the pixel into 5 rows and 5 columns, and take a random point in each block.

numThreads defines how many threads are to be created.

All input described in the lua files is valid.