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Serious Engine


This is the source code for Serious Engine v.1.10, including the following projects:

  • DedicatedServer
  • Ecc The Entity Class Compiler, a custom build tool used to compile *.es files
  • Engine Serious Engine 1.10
  • EngineGUI Common GUI things for game tools
  • EntitiesMP All the entity logic
  • GameGUIMP Common GUI things for game tools
  • GameMP All the game logic
  • Modeler Serious Modeler
  • RCon Used to connect to servers using an admin password
  • SeriousSam The main game executable
  • SeriousSkaStudio Serious Ska Studio
  • WorldEditor Serious Editor
  • DecodeReport Used to decode crash *.rpt files
  • Depend Used to build a list of dependency files based on a list of root files
  • LWSkaExporter Exporter for use in LightWave
  • MakeFONT Used for generating *.fnt files
  • Shaders Compiled shaders
  • GameAgent The serverlist masterserver written in Python
  • libogg, libvorbis Third party libraries used for playing OGG-encoded ingame music (see for more information)

These have been modified to run correctly under recent versions of Windows. (Tested: Win7 x64, Win8 x64, Win8.1 x64)


There are still many asserts in the engine. Most of them are irrelevant and should be removed, but while it's not done, the asserts will effectively kill the engine when triggered in the Debug build. Use Release or RelWithDebInfo build if you intend to play (automatically set as RelWithDebInfo in the build scripts).


To build Serious Engine 1, you'll need Visual Studio 2013 or 2015, Professional or Community edition ( ).

Do not use spaces in the path to the solution.

Once you've installed Visual Studio and (optionally) DirectX8 SDK, you can build the engine solution (/Sources/All.sln). Press F7 or Build -> Build solution. The libraries and executables will be put into \Bin\ directory (or \Bin\Debug\ if you are using the Debug configuration).


Setting up the repository

Type this in your terminal:

git clone
cd Serious-Engine

Copy official game data (optional)

If you have access to a copy of the game (either by CD or through Steam), you can copy the *.gro files from the game directory to the repository. Note that for running SS:TFE, you don't need the ModEXT.txt file, it's only for SS:TSE.

Alternatively, you can simply copy the whole content of the Windows install as base dir, add the SE1_10.gro from the repo in the root folder of the install, and then copy the binary built in Bin folder

Building (only for SS:TSE)

Type this in your terminal:

Sources/            # use for 32-bits
cp Sources/cmake-build/ssam Bin/
cp Sources/cmake-build/Debug/* Bin/

Building (only for SS:TFE)

Type this in your terminal:

Sources/ -DTFE=TRUE	# use for 32-bits
cp Sources/cmake-build/ssam-tfe Bin/
cp Sources/cmake-build/Debug/* Bin/

Note that the CD version of SS:TSE used MP3 for music. You will need to build / get and copy it inside Bin with the other libs to have music. Steam version uses ogg and doesn't need this library.


Type this in your terminal:


(or ssam-tfe if you are running TFE)

Optional features

DirectX support is disabled by default. If you need DirectX support you'll have to download DirectX8 SDK (headers & libraries) ( or ) and then enable the SE1_D3D switch for all projects in the solution (Project properties -> Configuration properties -> C/C++ -> Preprocessor -> Preprocessor definitions -> Add "SE1_D3D" for both Debug and Release builds). You will also need to make sure the DirectX8 headers and libraries are located in the following folders (make the folder structure if it's not existing yet):

  • /Tools.Win32/Libraries/DX8SDK/Include/..
  • /Tools.Win32/Libraries/DX8SDK/Lib/..

MP3 playback is disabled by default. If you need this feature, you will have to copy amp11lib.dll to the '\Bin' directory (and '\Bin\Debug' for MP3 support in debug mode). The amp11lib.dll is distributed with older versions of Serious Sam: The First Encounter.

3D Exploration support is disabled in the open source version of Serious Engine 1 due to copyright issues. In case if you need to create new models you will have to either use editing tools from any of the original games, or write your own code for 3D object import/export.

IFeel support is disabled in the open source version of Serious Engine 1 due to copyright issues. In case if you need IFeel support you will have to copy IFC22.dll and ImmWrapper.dll from the original game into the \Bin\ folder.


This version of the engine comes with a set of resources (\SE1_10.GRO) that allow you to freely use the engine without any additional resources required. However if you want to open or modify levels from Serious Sam Classic: The First Encounter or The Second Encounter (including most user-made levels), you will have to copy the game's resources (.GRO files) into the engine folder. You can buy the original games on Steam, as a part of a bundle with Serious Sam Revolution ( )

When running a selected project, make sure its project settings on Debugging is set to the right command:

  • For debug: $(SolutionDir)..\Bin\Debug$(TargetName).exe`
  • For release: $(SolutionDir)..\Bin$(TargetName).exe` And its working directory: $(SolutionDir)..\

Common problems

SeriousSkaStudio has some issues with MFC windows that can prevent the main window from being displayed properly.


Serious Engine is licensed under the GNU GPL v2 (see LICENSE file).

Some of the code included with the engine sources is not licensed under the GNU GPL v2:

  • zlib (located in Sources/Engine/zlib) by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
  • LightWave SDK (located in Sources/LWSkaExporter/SDK) by NewTek Inc.
  • libogg/libvorbis (located in Sources/libogg and Sources/libvorbis) by Xiph.Org Foundation


A port to the OpenPandora (and working fine on plain Linux) of the open source version of a game engine developed by Croteam for the classic Serious Sam games. Status: Working (for both FE and SE).








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