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There are many environnement variable to control Box86 behavour.


Controls the Verbose level of the log

  • 0
  • NONE : No message (exept some fatal error)
  • 1
  • INFO : Current default. Show some log
  • 2
  • DEBUG : Verbose a lot of stuffs (like relocations or function called)
  • 3
  • DUMP : All DEBUG plus DUMP of all ELF Info


Controls the folder scanned to look for x86 libs. Default is current folder and lib in current folder. Also /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu and /lib/i386-linux-gnu are added if they exists


Controls the folder scanned to look for x86 executable. Default is current folder and bin in current folder.


  • 0 : default. Don't log dlsym error
  • 1 : Log dlsym error


Send all log and trace to a file instead of stdout


Only on build with trace enabled. Trace allow the logging of all instruction execute, along with register dump

  • 0 : No trace
  • 1 : Trace enabled. The trace start after the init off all depending libs is done
  • symbolname : Trace only symbolname (trace is disable if the symbol is not found)
  • 0xXXXXXXX-0xYYYYYYY : trace only between the 2 addresses


Only on build with trace enabled.

  • NNNNNNN : Start trace anly after NNNNNNNN opcode execute (number is an uint64_t)


Only on build with trace enabled.

  • 0 : Default, the XMM (i.e. SSE/SSE2) register will not be logged with the general and x87 registers
  • 1 : Dump the XMM registers


Try to load at 0xXXXXXX main binaray (if binary is a PIE)

  • 0xXXXXXXXX the load address (only active on PIE programs)
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