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Plugin InfoServers for BigBrotherBot(b3)
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qstat gametype.txt


# infoservers plugin
# Plugin for B3 (

need qstat (

infoservers plugin (v1.2.2) for B3


1. Place the in your ../b3/extplugins and the 
infoservers.xml in your ../b3/extplugins/conf folders.

2. Open infoservers.xml

modify command qstat

for linux                <set name="commandqstat">qstat</set>
or for debian / ubuntu   <set name="commandqstat">quakestat</set>
for windows (the path of the executable qstat.exe) exemple <set name="commandqstat">C:\qstat-2.11-win32\qstat.exe</set>

3. Open your B3.xml file (default in b3/conf) and add the next line in the
<plugins> section of the file:

<plugin name="infoservers" config="@b3/extplugins/conf/infoservers.xml"/>

4. Run the infoservers SQL script on your B3 database

5. add servers with command !addservers or !aserv <game,adress,gametype>

!addservers Urban Terror,,-q3s
!addservers Smokin Guns,,-q3s

gametype :

-q3s for quake3 games (urban terror, tremulous, smokin guns, World of Padman ...)
-cods for call of duty games
-woets for Enemy Territory games
-a2s for hl2 games
see qstat gametype.txt
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