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An email-based implementation of the Turing test.

General Workflow

The system stores every user's name and a description of herself. Games happen like this:

  1. A user sends email with START as the subject. This player will be the interrogator.

  2. The system chooses 2 players, A and B, at random from those that are available to play at the moment, one will have to tell the truth and the other will have to impersonate the first one. The system sends the following:

to the interrogator, the names and descriptions of A and B, and the game id

to the impersonator, the following: A game will start, you will be impersonating <other player's name>, here's her description: <description>

to the 3rd player: A game will start, you will tell the truth, here's the description you submitted: <her own description>

  1. The interrogator sends an email with ASK <game id> as the subject and her question as the body.

  2. The system relays the question to A and B in a mail with subject ANSWER <game id>.

  3. They both reply with their answers, respecting their role.

  4. The system relays the answers to the interrogator in one email, with the format: Player A: \n\n Player B:.

  5. Steps 3 to 6 repeat as many times as the interrogator wants. When she is ready to take a guess, she sends email with subject GUESS <game id> and the username of the impostor in the body.

  6. The system emails all 3 players informing them if the interrogator succeeded or not.

(Clarification: Emails sent between the interrogator and the server have subject QUESTION <game id>, and between server and A and B have ANSWER <game id>.)

Additional commands

  • Users sign up by sending email with REGISTER as the subject and their names and description as the body.

  • To signal that they can be chosen to be a player, they send email with AVAILABLE as the subject and an empty body; when they don't want to be chosen, they send UNAVAILABLE instead.

  • Players can send a new description of themselves by using EDIT as the subject.

Running the server

The file bin/impostor processes all unread email in the inbox (it is designed to be configured as a cron job).

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