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Interfacing a HD44780 LCD with LCDProc on Raspberry Pi over I2C
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Interfacing a HD44780 LCD with Raspberry Pi over I2C

More info in my blog here:


Aliexpress LCD and I2C backpack link:

Connecting the I2C backpack to your Raspberry:

I2C Backpack Raspberry Pi 3+
SCL Pin 05 (SCL1)
SDA Pin 03 (SDA1)
VCC Pin 04 (+5V)
GND Pin 06 (GND)

Upgrade all apps and libraries:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Install prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install i2c-tools sudo apt-get install python-smbus sudo apt-get install lcdproc

select “Yes” when asked to perform an automatic configuration upgrade

Enable Raspberry I2C interface:

sudo raspi-config

5 Interfacing Options > P5 I2C > Yes

sudo reboot

Find out the address of your I2C LCD

sudo i2cdetect -y 1

Write down your address, mine was 3f, you will need to set it in /etc/LCDd.conf later

Download LCDProc driver with:

wget -O /usr/lib/lcdproc/

Clone this repository:

cd /home/pi git clone

Editing LCDd.conf

Edit your /etc/LCDd.conf according to the LCDd.conf present in my repository, if you use the same display and convertor board you should just change the I2C address if it is not the same as mine.

Enable LCDd on startup and start it

sudo service LCDd enable sudo service LCDd start

Test if LCD works with command:


WARNING: If you don't see anything on the LCD try to adjust the contrast potentiometer screw on the parallel to I2C convertor board.

Adding the play.php script to cron

crontab -e

choose to edit it with your editor of choice and add the following line to the bottom of CRON table: * * * * * php /home/pi/lcdproc_hd44780_i2c/play.php >> /home/pi/lcdproc_hd44780_i2c/play_debug.log

check if cron is currently started with the following command sudo service cron status

if it is inactive (the default on Moode and maybe Raspbian), start cron service and enable it on startup sudo service cron enable sudo service cron start

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