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Build Status

This version of Inform 7 for the Gnome platform was created by Philip Chimento, based on a design by Graham Nelson and Andrew Hunter. See the file for more information on other contributors.

To report bugs

Point your browser to the official Inform 7 bug tracker.

Installation notes

  • The GNOME Inform 7 source code distribution does not include any binaries. If you compile GNOME Inform 7 from source, you will need to download the Linux command-line package appropriate for your processor from and put the ni file in the directory src/ni before doing ./configure.
  • If you are upgrading from version 5J39 or earlier, and you are having problems with extensions, you may have to delete your ~/Inform directory and reinstall your extensions.

Wherever a copyright is listed with a range of years (e.g. Copyright 2006-2015), the copyright should be understood to cover all the years in that range, inclusive. (See

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