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Replacement for GPX web site

This is a replacment for the website at because it looks like it hasn't been updated in 15+ years and it hasn't. Plus I need to learn a JavaScript framework to be employable in the front end and I have reasons to choose React.


  • Make a prototype of the UI in straight html (Done)
  • Replace parts of the front end code with React (Done)
  • Add some validation and error checking (Done)
  • Realize I don't like the way I structured the classes before and redo them (Done)
  • Write a backend to make it live
  • Replace the existing website


This uses React and React-Redux. So to run it, you may need to do

    npm install

At that point, you can either just load index.html as a file into your browser, or

    npm run dev

and access it on http://localhost:8080