A quick tool for checking the coverage of a patch
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Diff Coverage Tool

This tool combines the data collected by coverage.py with a diff to determine what if any lines modified or added in the diff are not covered in a coverage run (generally the running of the test suite).

Currently the implementation assumes this is for a Django patch for convenience, as that is what I needed at the time - but modifying should be pretty easy.


First run the Django test suite with coverage:

coverage run runtests.py --settings=test_sqlite

Assuming you are using git for development generate a diff that you want to use for comparison:

git diff master > /path/to/my_patch.diff

then from inside this tool's directory, you need to have your patched version of django on your python path, for example if you use a django-dev virtualenv:

python diff_coverage.py /path/to/my_patch.diff

The script will write to stdout files with patched, untested lines and generate an html report with those files and the lines highlighted (with a red line number) in the current working directory.