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Notifyore: a notification tool for

This tool watches the stream of events provided by the Convore API, and provides a way for you to receive notifications of interest on the Convore site.

Convore itself provides a very cool "Growl" style popup notice when you get a mention somewhere else on the site. But if you are on a different page, or in a different application on your computer, or away entirely - there is no way to be notified.

Also, while Convore provides a builtin way of getting notified of mentions, there are plenty of other events that could be of interest.

Notifyore takes the approach of matching an event agaist a list of rules, and if a match is found, it executes the associated actions.

In english, these would look like:

  • notify me of mentions in the topic 'cool stuff' with prowl
  • notify me of messages by user joe34 with growl
  • notify me of new topics in group 'weather' with growl
  • notify me of logins of user bob with prowl
  • notify me of messages by user John in group 'lunch' with prowl and growl
  • notify me of messages containing "beef" starred by George, written by Sue by email



This package currently uses the wrapper embedded in covoread for its access of the Convore API.

Convoread stores your Convore password in your .netrc file - see Convoread's readme for more inforation.

If you want to use Growl on the Mac, you will need Growl's python bindings available from Growl developer site or from my github mirror.

Configuration and Usage

Notifyore watches your live stream provided by the Convore API.

For each event that occurs, Notifyore will test it against a list of rules, and if a rule matches, it will pass the event onto one or notfier actions.

A rule may contain the following parts:

  • match_events: a list of event types this rule will match
  • exclude_events: a list of event types that if matched, will abort the rule
  • match_attributes: a dictionary of attributes, all of which must match the event for the rule to fire.
  • actions: a list of actions to perform if the rule's conditions are met

The following are not yet supported but planned:

  • priority: a priority (that is used by growl and others)
  • exclude_attributes: like exclude_events but for attributes
  • rate_limit_after_count: number of messages in a burst before this rule is paused
  • rate_limit_within: time within which the count threshold events must happen
  • quiet_period: how long to pause the rule after threshold reached
  • time_of_day_limit: only fire during certain hours


Events are one of:

  • message
  • message-delete
  • topic
  • topic-delete
  • topic-rename
  • login
  • logout
  • star
  • unstar
  • read
  • mention


Attributes are one of:

  • user: username of person creating action
  • topic: url of group-slug/topic-slug for topic
  • group: group-slug
  • message_search: a string or regex pattern to search for in body of message
  • starred_user: the user who wrote the message being starred


Actions are a generally a sublcass of notifyore.notifiers.BaseNotifier

Current builtin actions include:

  • raw: print the raw json from the API
  • stream: write out a text version of event to a stream (defaults to stdout)
  • growl: the MacOs notificatoin utility, with the Prowl iPhone app, these can be push notifications to your iPhone

Additional notifier actions can be written and added. Some might include:

  • direct Prowl API, to use without growl or a Mac
  • libnotify (growl like utility on linux)
  • email
  • sms
  • Android C2DM push system
  • mark message as read

Right now at this early stage, the entry point for using the tool is a little weak. Currently you need to copy and modify the sample watching script included in the root of the distribution.


  • Clean up the entry point and configuration
  • Potentially move to a attr style access for API data instead of dict
  • Add additional notifier backends as noted above
  • Add a micro web UI for managing rules
  • add a rule template, for default options when creating rules
  • add a action to mark a message as read
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