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Packaginator: The framework for creating package comparison sites like and
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This project is under heavy development at the PyCon 2011 sprints and may not be 100% stable. If you're interested in standing up a packages site, please contact @pydanny and @audreyr and we'll help you get involved.


Packaginator solves the problem in the Python community of being able to easily identify and compare good apps, frameworks, and packages. Ever want to know which is the most popular or well supported Python httplib replacement, web framework, or api tool? Packaginator solves that problem for you!

It does this by storing information on packages fetched from public APIs provided by PyPI, Github, BitBucket, Launchpad, and SourceForge, and then provides extremely useful comparison tools for them.

The Site

The most current example is live and functional at

The Documentation

The documentation is hosted at


For Django Dash 2010, @pydanny and @audreyr (the "Scared of Rabbits" team) created Django Packages and have been working on it since then. During PyCon 2011, they led the sprint team (see Contributors.txt). The Packaginator framework came out of the sprint effort.

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