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ProtoMIDI - a MIDI library for Python

A small example (API may change):

import time
import random
from protomidi.msg import *
from protomidi.portmidi import Output

# Play random notes
out = Output()
while 1:
    note = random.randrange(128)

    out.send(note_on(note=note, velocity=70))
    out.send(note_off(note=note, velocity=127))

MIDI messages are immutable objects. A new message can be created by calling an existing message and overriding some of its values:

>>> from protomidi.msg import note_on
>>> msg = note_on(note=22, velocity=100)
>>> msg
note_on(channel=0, note=22, velocity=100)
>>> msg(note=60)
note_on(channel=0, note=60, velocity=100)

Planned features

(All implemented, but with a lot of testing and fine polishing remaining.)

  • abstract immutable MIDI message objects that are easy to work with
  • support for all MIDI message types (including sysex)
  • parser / serializer (seralizes to bytearray or bytes)
  • Input and Output classes for communicating with other MIDI programs or devices (portmidi)


The library is under development. The code may not be stable and the API may change.

Known bugs

  • on OS X, portmidi sometimes hangs for a couple of seconds while initializing.
  • default input/output doesn't work in Linux. Adding a default input/output in the alsa config will probably help. (This is not really a bug, but just how ALSA works.)
  • in Linux, I am experiencing occational short lags, as if messages are bunched up and then released again. I don't know what causes this, but I suspect that another process is sometimes stealing the CPU for long enough for this to happen. (Could it be garbage collection? I doubt it, but I won't count it out yet.)


ProtoMIDI works Python 2.7 and 3.2 (may work with older versions, but I haven't tested this.)

Requires portmidi shared library if you want to use the I/O classes.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.4 and Mac OS Lion, but it should run wherever there you have Python and a portmidi shared library.


  • show sysex bytes in hexadecimal? (in __repr__())
  • include some kind of event based scheduler (perhaps based on http://github/olemb/gametime)
  • include useful lookup tables or message attributes for common things like controller types
  • handle devices that send note_on(velocity=0) instead of note_off() (flag for portmidi.Input()?) Perhaps make it an option so you can choose the one you prefer, and any data will be converted to that format.

Author: Ole Martin Bjørndalen - ombdalen@gmail.com - http://nerdly.info/ole/

License: MIT

Credits: The Portmidi wrapper is based on Portmidizero by Grant Yoshida.