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# not part of distribution - TODO notes to implement before next release / 2.3.2:
- man page updates for template files x
- clock ID printed in reverse in L2 mode
with (grandmasterID present?) - not an issue, looks like a White Rabbit problem x
- compact grantable message types and use smaller array to save memory x
- 16.1.1: may be granted in listening state or passive state <- but g.8265 is no BMCA x
- sig/msg message acceptance 4 options: all1,port, clockid,port, clock,all1, all1,all1 x
- rework config option parsing x
- rework parseConfig to support an opcode, get rid of remaining macros x
- pointer to best master x
- disqualification flag x
- remove masteraddr in favour of bestMaster->sourceAddr x
- use pointer to best master x
- management TLV buffer guard and don't unpack GET x
- SNMP - implement statistics tables x
- SNMP - implement remaining traps x
- add alarm events -> trigger SNMP traps x
- add offset alarm threshold to config x
- clean up object order in the MIB x
- call alarm handlers before shutdown (on port disabled?) x
- add alarm initial delay to config + man x
- add alarm timeout to config + man x
- add snmp traps enable/disable to config + man x
- implement ofm threshold alarm triggering x
- SNMP MIB: add domain mismatch trap + last domain x
- add alarm messages to log notifications x
- add alarm messages to alarm table (for fault record)
- rework trigger and dependency macros: 2nd pass?
- complete built-in templates
- add dummy or populated default template file x [dummy]
- NVRAM write?
- use split token loop macros
- SET messages to refresh the config properly x/-
add set + commit + rollback as snmp handles
- remaining management message SET handling
- add fault record and numberfaults to snmp and mgmt
- update man page with alarm descriptions
- improve alarm dump
- add alarm descriptions to help output
- eventually add support for an event queue
- SNMP MIB: add alarm list so that
informs can also send date and time
- MGMT clear and get fault record
- configurable alarm severities?