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====================== Building PTPd RPMs ===================

- The rpmbuild.sh included in this directory should perform
  a full RPM build for RHEL systems (and CentOS and probably FC).
  This was used to build the RPMs starting with 2.3.0 RC2.
  The script was successfully used to build under RHEL 5.5,
  5.8, 6.2, 6.5, 7.0 but should build on any RHEL5+ system, CentOS,
  Fedora and other distributions following the RH package
  naming (-devel suffixes etc.), using systemd when available,
  otherwise using system V init scripts. The spec file is easy
  to modify to suit your distribution. The rpmbuild.sh script
  by default builds both the full build and the slave-only build.
  To build a slave-only build, the macro build_slaveonly should be set
  to 1 (as in rpmbuild --define "build_slaveonly 1").
  The ptpd package is the full PTP implementation,
  whereas the ptpd-slaveonly is built with --enable-slave-only,
  so is a version incapable of running as PTP master.

- The rpmbuild.sh script calls "make dist" to generate
  the tarball used for building the RPMs. If you are
  building from svn, make sure you run autotools
  (autoreconf) before trying to build RPMs. Follow the
  README.repocheckout file in the main source directory
  if in doubt.

- rpmbuild.sh will create a temporary build directory,
  build to it, move the rpm files to the current directory
  and finally clean up by removing the build directory.
  What is left is the RPMs in current directory and
  nothing else.

- The number of dependencies can be minimised mainly by
  building ptpd without SNMP support (--disable-snmp).


Wojciech Owczarek <wojciech%at%owczarek.co.uk>
2013-2015, PTPd project, http://ptpd.sf.net

Please report init script and / or spec file
bugs and modifications to the ptpd-devel mailing list
on SourceForge, or use the SourceForge ptpd forums.