Intel ME 11.x Firmware Images Unpacker
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Intel ME 11.x Firmware Images Unpacker

This repository contains Python 2.7 scripts for unpacking firmware regions for ME 11.x

Usage <ME_Image_File_Name.bin>

Report would be written to ME_Image_File_Name.txt

Extracted data (partitions, modules, metadata) would be written to ME_Image_File_Name folder

Compiled lzma binary is required on PATH for LMZA decompression (see


No progress output. Don't worry - just wait

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Dmitry Sklyarov (@_Dmit)

Research Team

Mark Ermolov (@_markel___)

Maxim Goryachy (@h0t_max)

Dmitry Sklyarov (@_Dmit)


This software is provided under a custom License. See the accompanying LICENSE file for more information.