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The following instructions are DEPRECATED! Use instead.

Compilation and installation with use of Pybombs

The gr-gsm is based on GNU Radio signal processing framework and takes advantage of its great features like stream tagging and message passing. Presence of GNU Radio is therefore a basic requirement for compilation and installation of gr-gsm.

The easiest way to install gr-gsm it to use pybombs installer (GNU Radio install management system). Installation with this tool was tested on Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.10. For installation of pybombs you will need git. On Debian based distributions you can get it with:

sudo apt-get install git python-pip

Then install pybombs with following command:

sudo pip install PyBOMBS

Then configure installation prefix:

pybombs auto-config
pybombs recipes add-defaults
sudo pybombs prefix init /usr/local -a default_prx -R gnuradio-default
sudo pybombs config default_prefix default_prx

Then build and install gr-gsm with following command:

sudo pybombs install gr-gsm

Pybombs will take care of downloading all of required libraries and for installation of GNU Radio and building gr-gsm.

It is required to have approximately 3.5GB of free space in /usr/local/src directory as everything will be built in there. If there is no enough space you can configure pybombs to use other directory as installation prefix.

At this moment many operating systems might not know where to look for new libgrgsm library. In order to update cache of links to new libraries run:

sudo ldconfig
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