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Use PHappy and be happy: quick PHP prototyping
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Use PHappy and be happy: quick PHP prototyping (pronounced as [pi`happi])

This is base for quick PHP prototyping. No HTML, no CSS, no JS, just pure PHP.

Quick start for quick prototyping

  • Download latest version of PHappy

  • Include it in your script:

  • Just write few lines of PHP code:
(new Page(
    new Input('Enter your #name'),           # PHappy can extract ID from label
    new Button('Say hello', function($me) {  # Handler for click event (executed on server-side)
        $me->name = ucfirst($me->name);      # Easy to get values from page, easy to set
        $me->alert('Hello ' . $me->name);    # Available the most popular javascript and jQuery functions
  • Run the script in your browser and, wuala, get working application:

PHappy - quick PHP prototyping


  • HTML5, jQuery, Bootstrap and PHP 5.4
  • Generic Bootstrap controls
  • Event handlers on server-side using all PHP functionality
  • Bidirectional data exchange: form on client side <-> server event handler
  • Javascript and CSS loaded via one public file

Widgets demo

Widgets demo

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