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IEU - Image Enhancing Utility

Windows only GUI for IEU.Core - "wrapper" around ESRGAN with additional features

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Uses net-vips library to merge splitted tiles after processing them with ESRGAN. Also supports alpha channels and various image formats: .dds (BC1-BC7), .tga etc.

Version 0.11.0 and forward doesn't requires files from ESRGAN repo as they are already included with IEU. You still need to install all python dependencies (pytorch and opencv-python).

Join Game Upscale discord for ESRGAN models, news and help! You can get support with IEU in #ieu channel.

List of features

  • Split images into tiles before processing them with ESRGAN and merge them afterwards with as little visible seams as possible
  • Detect currently available VRAM amount and auto set maximum tile dimensions depending on model upscale factor
  • Separate alpha layers from images and process them with the same model as original, with another model or with ImageMagick resize filter
  • Separate images into RGB channels
  • Process seamless tiled textures while preserving seamlessness
  • Ability to process images with multiple models at once with specific output mode (folder per image, folder per model)
  • Ability to process images with multiple models one after another ("model chaining")
  • Multiple overwrite modes
  • Preview feature similiar to Topaz AI Gigapixel one
  • UI for quick model interpolation
  • Filter images for split/merge with various rules
  • Preprocess images (resize, reduce noise)
  • Postprocess images (resize, set black/white treshold)
  • And more


  • Windows x64
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1

How to use

Please read wiki.