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Welcome to the sclang-mode wiki!

sclang-mode is a package of snippets for Emacs yasnippets.

Original snippets are from supercollider.tmbundle by Rob Watson.

You need a working sclang Emacs integration.
Then install yasnippet normal version, not bundle.

sclang-mode installation with git installed:
cd 'your yasnippets directory'
git clone git://github.com/lokijuhz/sclang-mode.git

sclang-mode installation without git installed:
download file and unzip package content to your snippets folder:

For automatic loading of yasnippets mode in sclang mode, put following lines in your “~/.emacs”, before yasnippets code:
(add-hook 'sclang-mode-hook 'yas/minor-mode)